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Family Activities to do during lockdown

Family Activities to do during lockdown

We have all gotten used to staying inside and isolated from the world. It has never been harder for kids to stay active with schools closed and recreational activities and opportunities to play with friends are limited. However, it has given us the chance to spend quality time as a family and to create strong memories together at home. 

So how do we do this? Kids have a lot of energy and staying active is essential to staying healthy—both physically and mentally. They need to be outside, to play and explore the world they live in, but that can be hard when the current restrictions are so many.  

We have collected a lot of good ideas on activities you can do both indoors and outdoors during this lockdown. 

  1. Indoor Steps Challenge
    Since we’ve been kids, we have heard that we need to hit that 10,000 steps mark every day. Should be easy enough, right? But with corona, lockdown and a limited area for moving around it is not that simple. So how about making it into a family challenge? Whoever gets the most steps, while inside, wins! And what will the winner get? My personal favourite is ice cream, but you do you.

    Did you know? All of the Xplora products have step counters and it is easy to follow along with your progress. Your kid can now also sign up for the Peter Rabbit 2 challenge to collect coins that they can use in the GoPlay shop!

  2. Outdoor Bingo
    As a child, I always wanted fun and creativity. Going on “just a walk” was not really something I enjoyed, at least not when I started getting a little older. So how about turning your family walks into outdoor bingo? Find 6-12 things that you find in nature or the city and start marking what you find. A fun and easy way to spice up your family walk!

  3. Snow Play
    We all can relate to the happiness we felt when the snow finally hit the ground. Take your entire family out and go outside to play in the snow. Go sledding, build your Olaf, and perhaps challenge everyone to a friendly snowball fight :)

  4. Did somebody say family disco? Put on the best 90’s and 00’s hits and get dancing. Maybe even choreograph your own family dance, or let the kids make up their own dance and put on a living room performance.

What is your family's favourite activity to do together? Share this with us at

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