Xplora Connect

The clever smartwatch tariff for children

Data rates without charges, calls, roaming in the EU and without cost of activation.

You only have to choose the duration that best suits you:

Stay connected with your loved ones

Our dedicated mobile service, Xplora Connect, is custom designed for your Xplora smartwatch and offers convenience and reliability. This means you no longer have to search for a compatible SIM card or navigate complicated mobile phone plans from third-party providers. With Xplora Connect, everything you need is in one place, ensuring your child can stay in touch, explore safely and enjoy unlimited fun times with the best national network quality available.

The Xplora Connect all-inclusive package

No matter which contract term you choose: All of our Xplora Connect tariffs offer a data flat rate and unlimited call minutes and messages, so that you as a family always stay connected and your child can share all the moments with you via the Xplora children's smartwatch. Messages are sent from the smartwatch to the app via mobile data.

Through mypage.xplora.co.uk you can check your rate details, make changes to your account, and extend or make changes to your subscription.

Unlock unlimited  access to Xplora's Activity Platform!

With the Premium version of Xplora Connect you get even more, such as:

  • Adventures - Earn a lot more coins and win great prizes!
  • Arcade - Play many more & cooler games!
  • Auction - Bid on more exclusive items!
  • Watch Faces & Ringtones - Hundreds of cool new downloads every month!
  • GoLearn - Access many more articles, eBooks & videos!
  • Discover & Learn - Hundreds of educational articles!
  • Dinosaurs - More than 300 dinosaurs to read about
  • eBooks - Cool eBooks to read - even write your own!
  • Video - A whole catalogue of video content for kids
  • Colouring - in-Tons of colouring & dot-to-dots stencils