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Goplay activity platform - our super cool universe for kids!

Goplay activity platform - our super cool universe for kids!

What is Goplay?

Goplay is our activity platform for all active Xplora customers. Goplay is a universe where you and your kids can participate in loads of super cool campaigns that encourage physical activity, joy, exploration, play, and learning! Yep, all of that is the goal! As the amount of screen time for children increases with the development of technology, for better or worse, physical activity is even more essential than ever. A good balance is not always easy, but something we always strive for. We parents have a duty here; to teach our children good and healthy values they can take with them further into life. 

Goplay inspires more physical play and movement!

An increasingly sedentary lifestyle is a challenge that affects many of us today more than ever before. There are more screens, more digitisation of services, and a far greater range of technology - not to mention digital games that many children spend a lot of time on.

Kids can get super cool prizes!

The Xplora smartwatch has a built-in pedometer, which automatically starts at 0 every day. All steps are registered daily in the Goplay activity platform, where every 1,000 steps equal one Xplora coin! You will be surprised at how much their little feet move during the day! According to our survey, children who join the Goplay platform move 20% more than those who do not join.

Xplora watches allow you to join our various campaigns on Goplay. In addition, children can redeem Xplora coins for prizes in the Goplay store. The webshop is open every Friday from 4:00 PM until midnight Sunday (CET). New items are added to the Goplay store every week!

We have run campaigns with The Boss Baby: Family Business, Space Jam: A New Legacy, Tom & Jerry, Sonic, UNICEF Kid Power®, and many more! Children can participate in these campaigns and win cool prizes - or help children in difficult situations with the UNICEF campaign. 

Read more about Goplay here!

You can participate along with the kids!

Now you as a parent can take part in collecting steps and giving to your children, (if you want!) and join them in all our fun campaigns on Goplay with our super sleek XMOVE activity tracker, designed to fit the whole family.

Read more about the XMOVE here, including heart rate monitor, motion sensor, sleep monitoring, pedometer, and Bluetooth.

How to join Goplay

Joining the Xplora Goplay platform is quick and easy. All you need is an Xplora watch and a username for the Xplora parenting app.

  1. Go to to register 
  2. Log in to the Goplay platform with the same username as you log in to the Xplora app
  3. Put on your Xplora watch to collect steps! See how many steps you have saved up and how many Xplora coins you have earned via the Xplora app or the Goplay platform online

Does your child not have an Xplora smartwatch yet?

Order a smartwatch, the child's first mobile phone, to simplify everyday life for the whole family - and participate in our super cool Goplay platform now! Welcome to the Xplora universe! 

Read more about the benefits of the Xplora smartwatch here!

We have launched a benefits program for all our Xplora customers - get great prizes! 

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