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5 fun activities to enjoy with your family in the sunshine! 🌞

5 fun activities to enjoy with your family in the sunshine! 🌞

5 fun activities to enjoy with the whole family this summer! ☀️ 

Oh hey, sunshine! Nice to see you again, we've missed you! 

We've decided to make a mini summer "bucket list" you can do from the comfort of the UK, so you don't have too. You're welcome.

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To get the most out of the british sunshine, try out some of these activities the whole family can enjoy.

1. Family games day ⚽️ 
Whether you're in your local park or your back garden, let the games begin! Dig out your old family cricket bat, hockey stick, football or tennis gear and you've got the ingredients for the perfect family games day. For more inspiration on how to get things going, check out this blog post. Don't forget to check out how many steps your little ones did on their Xplora smartwatch!

2. Picnic with a twist 🧺 
This isn't just any picnic, it's your family speciality picnic. Swap roles and let the kids make the sandwiches and choose the ingredients. Who knows, you might have a mini Gordon Ramsay on your hands! But, just incase you don't, here are some picnic recipes that will feed all kinds of hungry kids and parents alike.

3. Water balloon fight 🎈 
This is the moment you pretend to your kids that you're too mature for water balloon fights, and then instantly realise you're totally not. Why not level up? Get into teams and let the fun commence. Plus, our Xplora smartwatches are water resistant for optimum water balloon fighting. You can read more about the waterproof rating here.

4. Soap Bubble Art 🫧 
I know, I know, this is the coolest thing you've ever heard too, right?! Grab yourself a white sheet, a few large bowls, some fairy liquid and food colouring and you're away. Blow bubbles and let them pop on the sheets to create a colourful masterpiece. Make sure you take photos of your creation on the Xplora X5 Play smartwatch 2MP camera.  For more fun colourful bubble activities, click here.

5. Garden Camping ⛺️ 
Get down your camping gear from the loft or even make your own and create the best camping site ever, your back garden. Bring out some cute fairy lights, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, books and board games for a night of family fun in the comfort of your own back garden! You can even make some smores by following this delicious recipe

Make sure you tag us in your photos from any of the activities, we love to see it!

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Remember to remind your kids to put on their Xplora smartwatch this summer so you can easily contact them when they are out on their own adventures and exploring the world!

PS! If you have an Xplora smartwatch, you can connect to Goplay - Xplora's online activity platform where kids can find loads of amazing campaigns and exciting competitions. Welcome to the Xplora universe!

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