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Interviewing Sebastian Storm, Group Marketing Manager of Collectia - Net Zero project partner

Interviewing Sebastian Storm, Group Marketing Manager of Collectia - Net Zero project partner

“Awareness is key. By involving people around the world, the initiative and the struggle in Lebanon gets the attention that it deserves. The Lebanese people need the help from people who are more fortunate”

On 26 April, Xplora launched the Net Zero in 12 Months campaign” at the Goplay platform, an initiative that aims to transform physical steps into funds to finance the construction of a new solar facility in Bchaaleh, Lebanon. Thanks to the support of the project partners Collectia A/S and United Cities which have been key and essential to step forward and create the project, every step donated through the Xplora app (available in App Store and Google play) will be transformed into increasing the hours of electricity and bringing clean, renewable energy to the Lebanese people.

Find out the reasons why Collectia decided to embark on this adventure as partners, his thoughts about the model of converting steps into humanitarian help and the importance for companies to work towards achieving global sustainability goals.

Why did Collectia decide to join the “Net Zero in 12 months” campaign?

We chose the Net Zero sustainability project specifically because we were very inspired by the combination of helping the Lebanese people suffering from a massive energy shortage and activating the youth in the countries that we operate in. The idea of sponsoring a tangible project, the installation of solar panels, made a lot of sense to us.

What do you think about the model where we use physical steps as the activator for financing sustainable solutions?

Converting real life activity to funds that help build the solar panels is a brilliant idea. It activates our local communities and brings our local offices together across our organization. Having common goals and mindset towards sustainability strengthens the unity of the Collectia Group. 

Why is it important to involve people around the world, and not only the people in Lebanon?

Awareness is key. By involving people around the world, the initiative and the struggle in Lebanon gets the attention that it deserves. The Lebanese people need the help from people who are more fortunate. 

Why is it important that companies dare to try new approaches when it comes to informing and involving their employees in their ESG-strategies? 

As mentioned before, we think that projects like this one brings the employees together. The competitiveness and health aspect also plays a huge role. Some people need a good reason to become more active. We can’t think of a better reason than this.

We have completed the second (of three) challenges. What do you believe inspires more: Winning the prices or the personal recognition?

From our point of view the competitive aspect of the campaign is a big motivational factor. Many of our employees compare steps every day. If they are “falling behind” they will plan activities that will make up for the missing steps.

What are Collectia A/S employees saying about Collectia being this innovative and socially engaged?

They are proud to be a part of the project and we hear a lot of great things. Anne from our People and Culture department said the following:

“I feel great about us joining the Net Zero Movement. Knowing that we are a part of a sustainability project of this magnitude makes me very proud to work at Collectia”.

What is the best about combining physical activity and supporting sustainable change? 

It is a win-win situation. Doing something good for yourself and others at the same time. We also see the social aspect of the campaign as a very important factor. Committing yourself to join a sustainable movement is not easy for everybody. By combining physical activity and supporting sustainable change we see that the “entry barriers” are lowered and more people are willing to participate.

What would you say to other companies that are thinking about becoming a Net Zero partner? 

The full potential campaign is yet to be seen. We are still funding the project and installing the solar panels in Lebanon. But we have high expectations for the Net Zero project and the Xplora team which is very professional. We feel very included in the project and the Xplora team keeps us up to date on latest developments. We recommend other companies to contact Alexander Reitan from Xplora to learn more about the sustainability project and become a Net Zero Partner.

Why is it important that we bring more socially aware companies together to scale the movement for more Net Zero projects?

We believe that every company should participate in achieving global sustainability goals. We are in it together and projects like Net Zero need companies to come together. A collective effort is needed to really make a change.

What would you say to those who have not joined the Net Zero Campaign yet? How would you encourage them to participate?

There are only good reasons to join the campaign. Download the app and join Net Zero. You will quickly realize that donating your steps is fun and addictive. You get in shape and feel better while promoting and funding a good cause.

Why is it important that companies give focus to the sustainability goals defined by United Nations?

It is important to have common and clear overall goals to prioritize resources correctly. Having universal goals will visualize the path to successful sustainable growth.


With all the events that are happening in the world at the moment, it is more necessary than ever to join forces and seek solutions to global problems. If you have not joined the campaign yet and would like to walk towards a change, join us here:

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