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The difference between X6Play and XGO3

The difference between X6Play and XGO3

Which model is suitable for you?

Before you decide, let's thoroughly describe the difference between Xplora's models – X6Play and XGO3!


X6Play – our premium model

The premium X6Play sets a new standard for children's mobile watches. X6Play is the successor to the X5Play, already known as the best smartwatch for children in its category. It comes with powerful specifications that provide a completely new experience for children!

Our latest release performs better than its predecessor and has a colourful and fun concept: Swap, mix, and match. Here, you can get accessories that make the children's watch unique – with 3400 colour combinations on the watch. The watch comes in pink and lime green, and you can buy additional straps and frames to mix as you wish!


Updates in X6Play compared to the predecessor X5Play:

  • High-resolution screen with animations
  • Super-fast 1.2 GHz quad-core processor
  • Improved battery life – 72 hours standby (880mAh)
  • 8 GB storage space
  • Even more accurate GPS function
  • 5 MP camera
  • Swap, Mix & Match concept.
  • XGO3 – a good start
  • The innovative and award-winning XGO3 sets a new standard for digital communication for children aged 4 to 11. Xplora's smartwatch provides children with a safe introduction to the digital world – and a safer everyday life for many families.


Updates in XGO3 compared to the predecessor XGO2:

  • Higher water resistance (IP68)
  • Longer battery life
  • Improved camera
  • Upgraded overall quality
  • It comes in three cool colours!
  • Core features of the products
  • Call and messages – including voice messages
  • GPS with secure zones
  • School mode
  • Step counter
  • Alarm
  • Camera with video function
  • Access to Xplora's activity platform – children's activity universe
  • No access to social media and the internet
  • SOS function
  • Dedicated app for parents – to manage features and restrictions


In summary, X6Play has the following improvements compared to XGO3:

  • Better camera
  • Better processor
  • Larger screen with animations
  • Improved battery life
  • More storage space
  • Integrated Xplora activity platform
  • Swap, mix, and match concept with 3400 colour combinations

Never before have we had such a strong product portfolio. For this reason, we hope you, as a customer, will be satisfied regardless of which model you choose!


Calls and messages

Our mobile watches come with a pre-installed SIM card from Xplora Mobile, allowing you to make and receive calls to and from approved contacts. This way, the child can easily stay in touch with friends and family safely and securely.


GPS with secure zones

With Xplora's GPS function, you can easily track when your child is playing and exploring outdoors. You can also set up secure zones in our smart parent app, which will notify you when the child leaves or arrives in a specific zone.


Step counter and Xplora's activity platform

Xplora encourages physical activity and less screen time for children. With Xplora's activity platform, children are motivated to engage in more play and movement in their daily lives. Suppose the child's Xplora is connected to the activity platform. In that case, each child's step will be converted into fictional coins that can be used in the platform to participate in campaigns, buy products, and play games!

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