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The Net Zero campaign is happening! Join now!

The Net Zero campaign is happening! Join now!

Your activity can save lives. Sign up for our humanitarian campaign for free - and spread the word.

April 25th marks the start of the Net Zero campaign, where we will engage and activate people all over the world - young and old!


For several months, we at Xplora, together with United Cities and Collectia, have been planning what will be the company's largest ESG campaign so far in our 5-year lifespan.


Gigantic collaboration project

We hope that all our 700,000 Xplora kids sign up and help spread the word, so we can contribute to a project that will change the living conditions of many people.

Remember, you do not need an Xplora watch to participate in this campaign - everyone can download the Xplora app for free and easily sign up via the campaign pages (link campaign pages).

Join friends, moms, dads, siblings, classmates, teammates, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues, and organization members. Together you can follow who takes the most steps, and take part in competing for cool prizes. Through the project's three milestones, all participants will contribute to sub-goals and unlock surprises.


What is Net Zero?

So what is "Net Zero" in this context? In short, it is about becoming CO2-neutral (carbon-neutral). A CO2-neutral world will stop global warming, and through such change and development, we will make the earth livable and sustainable. In this pilot project, we will not only transform an entire city/municipality in Lebanon to achieve Net Zero status, but we will also mobilize a global popular movement for sustainable solutions.

Experience shows that the sustainable development of small and large communities is far more robust with broad social engagement, and it is here, through this global activity campaign, that everyone can contribute.


Access to clean energy

Everyone who joins and gives their physical steps to the campaign contributes to United Cities and partners, freeing up money to build the solar cell plant connected to the pilot city in Lebanon. Inspiring increased physical activity, learning about more sustainable behavior, replacing dirty diesel generators with solar energy, and the local community's ripple effects from having access to adequate and clean energy are the short-term results. Access to clean energy facilitates better health services, education, food production, and transport in the longer term.

From a larger perspective, we are also involved in documenting a method for the UN, with associated organizations, to achieve the goal of 10,000 CO2-neutral cities by 2030. We need everyone's commitment!


Here's how you can contribute

With the help of Xplora's renowned activity platform, Goplay, you and everyone who signs up for the campaign will have the opportunity to contribute to humanitarian work just by being active!

The top 100 people who contribute the most steps will get their names printed on a plaque of honor, which will be presented to the mayor of the pilot city at the end of the campaign. If the good cause and opportunity to be recognized for a historic result isn't enough, we will also hand out exciting prizes during the campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today! Register here. Who else do you think will help support this great cause with their physical activity?

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