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The new Xplora XGO3 smartwatch for kids: Your new family companion

The new Xplora XGO3 smartwatch for kids: Your new family companion

The new Xplora XGO3 - Your family companion

The Xplora XGO3 smartwatch sets a new standard of digital communication for kids. 

The GO-family has a new baby! The XGO3 smartwatch for kids is the new and improved version of the XGO2. The XGO3 features all the high-quality components of a top-range Xplora device at a fraction of the price!

High standard - best price

The camera is upgraded (2M), the battery (850mAh) lasts longer and the design is slimmer and lighter and now available in 5 bright fun colours. This model has a more accurate GPS and more reliable technology. The smartwatch is available with Xplora connect, which comes with a 4G SIM-card already installed so it will be up and running instantly, so will your child! 

All Xplora products come with a step counter that can be linked to our award-winning Goplay platform that encourages kids to get active! This is done through every 1,000 steps a child takes gets converted into an Xplora gold coin. That coin can be spent on the Goplay platform playing games, campaigns and auctions for cool prizes! 

Xplora XGO3 smartwatch for kids

Give your kid freedom

The Xplora XGO3 smartwatch for kids is a perfect introduction to the digital world and comes with all the key features for them to be onboarded safely. It provides comfort, fun, and security in everyday life for the whole family. Thanks to mobile connectivity, children can discover the world carefree and communicate with their friends and family at any time.


  • Phone
  • Messages and voice messages
  • GPS location function with SOS and safety zones
  • School mode
  • Step counter, stopwatch, and alarm
  • Camera, gallery, emojis

    The XGO3 is set up and managed via the Xplora app. This is free to download from the app store. This way, parents always have an overview and control of what is accessible on the smartwatch. Only parents can enter and add contacts via the app, and only these contacts are visible to communicate with on the Xplora devise. The live location function on the watch can be viewed by the parents at any time via the Xplora app. All other functions, such as setting an alarm, school mode, or safety zones, are also controlled via the parental app.

    “Let your kids be free to explora, meet up with friends and just be kids - Xplora takes care of the rest!”

    The recommended media time for children aged 7 - 10, is 30 to 45 minutes per day. However, the average media time of children aged 6-7 is currently a staggering 133 minutes per day. That's more than 2 hours of screen time covering TV, internet, social media, gaming or streaming (KIM study 2020).

    With today's rapidly growing digital world and the use of digital content, a safe alternative to the smartphone for children is more important than ever.

    The XGO3 is your solution to decrease screen time for your kids, and inspire them to a healthier and happier lifestyle.


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