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The perfect gift for kids this Christmas

The perfect gift for kids this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and the hunt is on to find the best gifts for kids before the hot ticket items sell out! 🎁 

Finding the right gifts for the modern day child can be a challenge - whether it’s for one of your own, an extended family member, or a friend’s little one.. It’s important to find a gift they’ll love, one that brings joy that lasts longer than a fleeting 15 minutes. So, what if we told you that we have perfect gift? Santa, you better watch out! Xplora’s giving you some stiff competition! What’s better than being able to give children a safe and enjoyable introduction to the digital world?❤️

What makes the Xplora Smart watches a fun and safe choice for both children and parents?

A completely unique smartwatch for children - the Xplora XGO3 and X6Play are the ultimate gifts this year! At Xplora, we see that adapted technology for children can be fun while alleviating some of the day to day pressures for parents. The beauty of using Xplora watches is that the child can have more freedom and become more independent, while the whole family can experience an increased quality of life and a feeling of security. However, as mentioned above, the technology must be designed and developed uniquely for children in order for this to be a trusted and quality resource. And that's exactly why Xplora came into being; to provide children with a safe, first introduction to the digital world - where parents can be the ones sitting in the driver's seat!

Read more and buy Xplora smart watches for kids here!

Hold off on that smartphone - Xplora is a great alternative!

We believe it’s best to wait as long as possible before caving in and giving smaller children a regular smartphone, which comes with an overwhelming level of features and content that's only suitable for adults. Children are not a point of maturity when it comes to critical thinking - which is very important when navigating through the digital world without supervision or parental control. That’s why Xplora smartwatches have been specifically designed to exclude all access to social media and the Internet. In a recent survey, 98% percent of people completely agree that young children should not be on the internet without good parental control. With our smart parenting app, parents have a full overview of the smartwatch❤️

A variety of smart and safe features

With the Xplora smartwatch, children can call and send messages to their contact list. In the parental app, you can easily define who your children should be in contact with, and see your child’s exact location in real time using the GPS function - where you can also set safety zones. Many children and parents have experienced these functions as a great security in everyday life, simplifying a mix of situations, as well as improving quality of life. Most importantly, children can expand their radius of play allowing for more independence - a somewhat liberating and exciting process for most kids. Now you as a parent can sit back (a little more!), and know that you can maintain contact - even when your child is out on their own adventures!

Lest we forget school mode! In the parental app, you can set the watch in school mode, so there are no interruptions during class or free time. Absolutely ingenious - it doesn't get any easier than that.

For kids, one of their favourite features is a camera that can take pictures and videos. With this, children also get to document important moments in everyday life - and can send them to parents, grandparents and close friends in order to share their most important moments. Those who are reading this can understand how significant it is for both the child and the lucky recipient ❤️ The photos can only be shared with the pre-saved contacts stored in the parents’ app. Smart and safe.

All these features and more are designed into the smartwatch - which suits the child's lifestyle; it fits well on the wrist, it is practical and does not fall off even in an active everyday life! And unlike the smartphone, the watch is not as easily forgotten because it is always on the wrist. Many parents tell us that their older children still use Xplora watches precisely because they do not weigh in their pockets or get in the way of activities - it is part of the child's everyday life without interfering with their development. We applaud this! Let children explore the world without attachments and unnecessary distractions!

The Christmas gift that gives access to our super cool Activity Platform🌈

Through our super cool activity platform, which has a goal to stimulate increased physical activity, you and your child get access to a whole universe of campaigns and activities you can participate in! How cool is that ?! Read more about Activity Platform here

… And it reduces screen time!

Our Kids smart watch in combination with the Activity Platform help children stay active, healthy and curious! Physical activity also has many health benefits, which contributes to children becoming happier and safer, according to the Norwegian Directorate of Health. Doctors also mention that more active children are less likely to have depression, anxiety and developmental delays.

We hope we have helped on your way to finding this year's Christmas gift! For us, it is important to find Christmas gifts that encourage activity, reduce screen time and allow children to be children. Do you have any other suggestions for Christmas gifts for children that can achieve the same goals? Feel free to share it with us on Instagram @xplora_uk 

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