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156 times around the world - in one month!

156 times around the world - in one month!

Our Xplora Goplay Platform rewards activity and incentivises kids to be more active. It is awesome to see that we are successful in this.

Our users walked a total of 15 billion steps last month. Kids wearing our smartwatches recorded 13 billion of these steps. Last month’s steps from our watches equate to about 8 round trips to the moon, and 156 times around the world. How crazy is that?

We are also proud to say that 105,953 of Xplora users had a daily average step count higher than 10,000 steps, which is the recommended activity level by the WHO.

The most active Xplora countries last month were:

  • Germany (6,930,548,416 steps)
  • Norway (3,174,795,743 steps)
  • Sweden (1,473,273,096 steps)
  • Finland (630,937,085 steps)
  • Austria (529,497,844 steps)
  • Spain (368,704,996 steps)
  • Denmark (283,495,345 steps)
  • Switzerland (250,138,674 steps)
  • United Kingdom (241,495,547 steps)
  • United States (197,154,071 steps)


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