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The story behind why XPLORA was created

The story behind why XPLORA was created

XPLORA was founded with a clear objective and lofty vision: to allow kids to explore the world while being safer. Read our story here.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: there was no appropriate mobile products in the market, particularly designed and suited for kids before they were allowed to have a smartphone. Our co-founder experienced himself loosing his youngest son in a shopping mall, not being able to reach out him. This was a terrible experience. The rest of us had similar experiences, and we were surprised there was not even one product close to answer these needs solving this problem in an appropriate and safe way. Talking to other parents the concern was definitely there. Only in Europe, a child is reported missing every second minute*, so there is no doubt that this is something most parents have thought many times. However, in most cases, our daily concern as a parent is more about you would just like to reach your kids in case you need it. A smartphone could do this, but also opens a door to lot of threats like social media, cyber bullying, Internet, access to inappropriate content and the list goes on and on. Also important is the fact that younger kids often loose things and smartphone itself could be an expensive one.
The answer came quickly to our minds, developing and providing a solution based on a mobile watch for the children with a linked and secured mobile application for parents. We basically removed all undesired bells and whistles from the smartphone , but kept the basics of the mobile phones (calls and texts) and a sophisticated location functionality. We enabled connectivity to the watch through a pre-installed SIM card with a tariff and platform/location services making it a one-stop-shop experience for our customers.


Awarded with several prizes for great design, best in test and excellent customer feedback, our team is very proud to deliver such a state of the art product for such an important and growing market space.

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