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Are we activating our children enough? Tips for outdoor activities with children!

Are we activating our children enough? Tips for outdoor activities with children!

…Step, everything starts with a step that leads to another, and then we are off.

But what really motivates children to keep taking steps and not stop moving? In today's society, there are many things that make children sit more than before, and we at Xplora want to contribute to more physical activity in children.

All our latest models are equipped with a pedometer where the child can follow the distance they travel when they are out playing. The X4 lets children take pictures or videos and to call home whenever necessary. With Xplora on your wrist, it will be easier for children and parents to reduce their time indoors. But what motivates children to move more?

 When we ask what kids appreciate most about Xplora, we often hear that the pedometer is most popular. We have seen that it motivates children to move more. That's why we've developed our #Goplay platform, where kids can earn Xplora coins, get rewards and buy products for Xplora coins in our #Goplay store. 

Read more about #Goplay here

Xplora X4 Kids Smartwatch

Tips for outdoor activities with children

It's nice to take a break and get out into the fresh air with the kids. We have gathered some ideas for nice, educational and fun outdoor activities for kids. We hope this creates many nice moments for you outdoors with your children!

Letter hunting

Go in search of things that are similar to letters in nature. If you are extra creative, maybe you can find the whole alphabet! The children can also use sticks, stones, etc. to make the letters. If your children are too young for letter hunting, they can look for colors instead. 

Treasure hunt

This game can be played in many ways. Here are two examples:

Treasure hunt:

When no one sees it, one or more small treasures are hidden at home, in the woods or in the garden. The children should look for the treasures.

Treasure hunt with thread:

An adult stretches the thread from a skein of yarn, attaches it along the way around the house—and places a treasure at the end. The child must follow the thread, and if the child manages to do so, the thread can be tied around the hand all the way until the treasure is found.

Hiking hide-and-seek

Select a person to stand on the trail and close their eyes. Then the others run and hide near the path. You cannot hide further away than you can see from the trail, and you have to hide in the direction of travel. If the searcher walks past the hiding places, the children who have hidden will get a point.

Nature play

Post five things that do not belong in the surrounding nature. Let the children find out what has been posted and which does not belong there.

Small insect safari

Collecting small insects is perhaps most exciting for children aged 3-8 years. Take plastic boxes with lids on trips. Make small holes in the lid if you are going to go far and take the catch home again. Give the children the task of finding as many different species as possible from their box. 

Peel an orange challenge

Take an orange on a trip and have a competition to peel an orange in the shortest possible time. Maybe finish with delicious cocoa outside?

Draw paradise

A box of chalk, preferably in several colors, can create a lot of cheap fun. Help the children draw paradise on the tarmac. How about replacing the traditional paradise forms with paradise shaped like cars, fish, butterflies or some other fun design? The children can make new rules and test them on the rest of the family. Chalk can also be used for much else. Only the imagination sets limits.

Throw on the stick

Chalk up a line on the ground or lay out a piece of rope that you are going to throw at. Whoever manages to throw closest to the line, wins.

Here you can use stones, cones, coins, marbles, etc.

Long jump

How far can you jump? Draw a line on the ground and jump from it as far as you can.

Obstacle course

This is suitable for children of all ages. Find a place that is a little open. Make a trail that goes over a log, under a tree, on a rock, around a bush, depending on what is found in nature. Why not try the children against the adults? It's always fun! And can be nicely combined with food afterward.

Fairytale house

Suggest for the children that they make a fairytale house or fantasy house from what they find out in nature, as a fun alternative to the traditional farmhouse. Suitable materials are, for example, sticks, moss, flowers, leaves, stones and cones, etc. 

Jumping ropes

It's fun to see who can handle the most jumps. Only right leg, only left leg, legs crossed or every other leg.

Jump in - jump out

You need a level surface and a stick or chalk to draw with. Draw a large square on the ground with three squares each way, a total of nine squares. All squares have plenty of room for the feet. You write a word in each box. For example, cities, countries, drinks, toys, boy-girl names, clothes and food. It's about jumping in and out of all the squares while saying boy names, girl names, drinks, food and so on. It is not allowed to say the same word twice. Nice language training for the kids.

We hope that the tips will help you to be more active outside and that the #Goplay platform can contribute to more active children!

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