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GOPLAY encourages children to exercise more!

GOPLAY encourages children to exercise more!

With the XPLORA Smartwatch, children are safely on the go because they can contact their caregivers at any time. Xplora’s mission is to safely introduce children to the world of mobile communication, to give them the freedom to develop independently and personally, and to motivate them to exercise more outdoors. There is a lot of discussion about the fact that exercise, especially outdoors, is important for children and that today's kids are not moving enough due to tablets and so on. We want to counteract this development and have therefore founded the #GOPLAY platform. A platform that is fun for children and motivates them to exercise more. The XPLORA Smartwatch has a pedometer that counts the children's daily movement. It is fun to see how many steps I have already taken or how far I am from my daily goal.

The steps are automatically transferred to #GOPLAY and converted to XPLORA COINS.
In the leaderboard, you can always see where you are and actively track your climb towards the top position! You can also compare the average steps of the XPLORA users in the different countries. In the UK, XPLORA users take an average of 6 000 steps a day. Norwegian users take an average of 8 500 steps and the Swiss take a whopping average of 12 400 steps per day. Your XPLORA COINS wallet is visible in the your profile's dashboard and you can play exclusive mini-games from current movies. No movement means no XPLORA COINS. That means you have to move first and then convert your movement into rewards.
The exclusive #GOPLAY store is open every weekend from Friday through Sunday and you can use your XPLORA COINS to buy exciting products from the XPLORA range or merchandise items from our collaborators.

Here you can find out how to register on #GOPLAY and what you can experience.
Or you can simply look at the #GOPLAY platform.

We are looking forward to meet you! Join us, be active and win exciting prizes!
Thats just the beginning! Many exciting collaborations are waiting for us in 2020! 
Make sure to keep an eye out for updates on Instagram, Facebook and, of course, this blog - we’ll keep you posted!

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