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#GOPLAY Smartwatch Motivates Children to be More Active

#GOPLAY Smartwatch Motivates Children to be More Active

You may have heard of the XPLORA #GOPLAY platform. But what exactly is this platform and why are so many people using it?

At XPLORA, one of our most important tasks as a company is to keep children active. We want to inspire them towards exercise, social play and activities. We also know that finding motivation for extra activity during the day can be challenging at times.

 XPLORA smartwatch for kids 

There are several factors that affect how children play, such as the weather, the temptation of TV or video games at home, or simply laziness. Of course, this applies to children and adults alike…. We have all experienced the need to gather motivation for jogging or training and it’s not always easy. It’s usually the physical benefits of exercise that motivate us to work hard and stick to the fitness plan.

At XPLORA, we are closely following new trends in the market, and are constantly working to develop our product so that we can always offer our customers a state-of-the-art product. That is why we have been working on launching our latest activity platform, where children are rewarded for physical activity through earned XPLORA COINS, which they can use to purchase real rewards in our online store.

XPLORA smartwatch for kids

When the inner motivation for physical activity is not enough, then XPLORA #GOPLAY will be there to help!

So how does #GOPLAY work?

👉🏻 Through a pedometer function (which you find in both XPLORA 4 / 3S and GO), children and parents can count steps that children take daily.

👉🏻 On the XPLORA #GOPLAY platform, these steps become XPLORA coins.

👉🏻 1000 steps = One XPLORA coin

👉🏻 In the #GOPLAY store, coins can be used to redeem staggering prizes! 

Are your children interested in a travel speaker or fun games, for example? Here you can use your coins to choose which prizes you want to unlock in the #GOPLAY store.

XPLORA smartwatch for kids

#GOPLAY helps create healthy habits where kids themselves want to be extra active in their everyday lives and have that little extra motivation to be outside. 

How do I sign up for #GOPLAY?

Registration is quick and easy. You use the same username and password that you created in the XPLORA app when registering your XPLORA. Registration takes one minute and you can do it HERE

XPLORA smartwatch for kids

Our goal is that XPLORA helps make it a little easier for both children and parents to limit screen time and get outdoors. We want to inspire increased physical activity and greater independence in children. Our smartwatch is ideal for children aged 4 years and up.

Through the parental app you can see exactly how many steps your child takes during the day and with the GPS feature you can always be sure that you know where your child is. So, you can relax a little easier knowing that your child is safe out in the garden or playground.

We see a clear trend that XPLORA # GOPLAY users are significantly more active, which in turn generates positive long-term effects physically, emotionally and mentally.

So join us too - #GOPLAY is super fun for young and old alike!

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