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Read Our Top 4 Tips For A Successful Holiday!

Read Our Top 4 Tips For A Successful Holiday!


Christmas Morning is just around the corner - and with it lots of things that have to be done quickly. For Christmas to be as stress free as possible, here are a few tips from us:

No. 1: The best gifts are the ones you can use straight away, so our Top Tip this Christmas is to activate your child's watch before Christmas! Here's a link to all you need to know.

With the latest XPLORA app, connecting the XPLORA watch to the app is easier than ever. Nevertheless, it may be worthwhile not to wait until after unpacking the gifts. That way your child can use his/her new XPLORA watch directly to call Grandma and Grandpa, or send auntie a picture of the newest toys.

Plus, there are nicer things to do on Christmas Eve than installing an app and storing phone numbers on the watch… ;)

No. 2: Focus on the important things: family, being together, make your children laugh

Christmas is a family holiday - spend time together and stay away from screens! You can stare at the TV or tablet every day of the year.

Devote your attention to your children - Christmas is the most important day of the year for them!

No. 3: Not everything has to be perfect

The holidays should be a time for families to get together and while this usually involves some level of stress for (mostly) everyone involved, there's no use in wearing yourself out. The perfect decoration or the perfect Christmas dinner doesn't exist - nothing ever goes exactly as planned and your children and your family love you just as much, even if the tree is a bit crooked or the roast is a bit burnt. Besides, isn't that part of the charm?

No. 4 (and here's the best one yet!): Breathe. 

From all of us at XPLORA to all of you: have a very merry Christmas!

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