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Spotlight: The XPLORA 3S Smartwatch

Spotlight: The XPLORA 3S Smartwatch

XPLORA 3S got all the popular features from the XPLORA 1, included some new exciting features. You can buy it here.

XPLORA 3S - Your child's first phone

By keeping the basic voice- and messaging-functions of a phone, XPLORAs smartwatches takes care of children- and parents communication needs. It does not give access to internet, games or social media like a normal phone, precisely in order to prevent exposure of those things to too young children. XPLORA 3S offers a safe introduction to communication and technology for young children. XPLORA 3S has a location-feature with Google Maps, to display the location of your child - if it were to get lost. Some of the other features is the SOS-function, school-mode (restricted use), calendar and a step counter. You can control the watch through the XPLORA-APP (for iOS and Android) with two administrators. Through the APP. you can f.ex. set up which contacts that are able to contact the watch, so your child does not receive calls from strangers. Xplora 3S Watch Features

XPLORA 3S - Packed with useful features

The XPLORA 3S got a IPx67 qualification, making it waterproof down to 1.5meters up to 30 minutes.

Take pictures with the watch. Set them as a custom background or safely share them with one of your registered contacts.

Your child can send and receive voice messages. It is useful if you can't reach each other at the moment, or if your child is still too young to read.

It has a school mode, which puts it in silent mode. It will only vibrate upon receiving messages and calls. The parents control when the school mode is activated in the XPLORA-APP.

Children love to play, and now they can pay attention to how long of a distance they travel in a day, with the step counter. This encourages them to move more throughout the day, and healthy competition between friends.

Set up safe zones with Google Maps. If you set up a safe zone at your home, you will get a notification whenever your child enter or leave your home. 

The XPLORA 3S can only receive texts from approved contacts.

Using the PARENT-APP the parents can add appointments or things for their child to remember. It will pop-up on their watch as a notification.

It is through playing children find their identity. They need freedom to explore the world - and they need safety. XPLORA lets children play and unfold, with the knowledge that their parents are just a touch of a button away.
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