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XPLORA Authorised by Bundesnetzagentur Germany

XPLORA Authorised by Bundesnetzagentur Germany

German Consumer Authorities (Bundesnetzagentur) confirm XPLORA is authorised to be used in Germany.

In the aftermath of German Federal Network Agency’s (Bundesnetzagentur) decision to ban kids’ smartwatches with “spying options”, the Bundesnetzagentur has officially confirmed that XPLORA is authorised for sale and use in Germany, and is not on the list of banned devices.

On November 2017, The Federal Network Agency Bundesnetzagentur made a public decision to prohibit the sales and use of children’s watches with spying options. The decision falls under the §90 Telekommunikationsgesetz (TKG) – where it states that it is forbidden to own, manufacture, distribute, import or otherwise pass into the scope of this law transmitters or other telecommunications equipment that are particularly suitable and designed to listen in unnoticed to another person’s non-public speaking or to receive someone else’s picture unnoticed.

On XPLORA´S request for clarifications, sent immediately after Bundesnetzagentur public statement, German Federal Network Agency sent the enclosed confirmation, that XPLORA does not infringe upon §90 TKG (Telekommunikationsgesetz).

Here is the official statement:

I refer to your letter of 01 December 2017. In this you indicated that you represent XPLORA Technologies Deutschland GmbH.

You asked further for a confirmation that the product of your client is not affected by the prohibition of § 90 TKG.

I can tell you the following: The Federal Network Agency has reviewed the “XPLORA App”, which controls your client’s smartwatch models, which can be found at pepcall. 

As per 06 December 2017 it could be determined that the mentioned app does not have a monitoring function. Given this finding, your client’s smartwatch models controlled by the aforsaid App does not violate § 90 TKG. With them an unnoticed interception is not possible.

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