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XPLORA will announce two new products during IFA 2018

XPLORA will announce two new products during IFA 2018

During the conference, XPLORA will be showcasing both the waterproof and camera-equipped XPLORA 3S watch phone and the XPLORA Module X, a device that has been designed for a number of different everyday use cases, including pets, bikes, and asset tracking – such as suitcases, bags or laptops.

Retaining the basic functions of a phone, XPLORA’s current and new watch phones ensure child safety without limiting independent play and exploration. As a child’s first mobile device, the XPLORA prevents children from becoming distracted by social networks and games typically present on smartphones, and removes the possibility of unsupervised access to the internet, while giving parents peace of mind through sophisticated location and connectivity features.

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XPLORA 3S – waterproof watch phone equipped with camera

The XPLORA 3S contains all of the popular features from the current XPLORA watch, in addition to new functionality. The waterproof XPLORA 3S is equipped with a camera and photo storage, allowing children to safely capture and share photos with selected family members. It is fully submersible and complies with IP67, meaning that it can withstand water for up to 30 minutes to a depth of 1.5 metres. The XPLORA 3S is the perfect smartwatch for children who want to play in swimming pools and the sea.

The XPLORA 3S also offers a child-friendly interface with phone calls and messaging functionality, geolocation technology including GPS, WiFi and GSM triangulation, providing the best possible real-time location details powered by Google Maps. Also included are predetermined safety zones set by parents, an SOS button, dedicated off-time options (preventing children from using their XPLORA outside of set hours, except emergency calls), a calendar, and a step counter that encourages children to stay active.

Set up and controlled via the intuitively designed parental app (available on Android and iOS), the XPLORA 3S allows for up to two administrators, typically the child’s parents. Through the app, parents have control of preferences, silent modes, can receive push notifications (when the child receives a text message or leaves a pre-programmed ‘safety zone’, for example), and can view their child’s location at any time. Representing the first children’s smartwatch with these capabilities, the XPLORA 3S will be available to purchase from the 17th September in European markets.

XPLORA Module X – one device designed for multiple purposes

While XPLORA is known for developing products designed for children, its second new product, the XPLORA Module X, is a single device that can be relied upon by people of all ages, in five different everyday use cases: children, elderly, pets, bikes and assets such as suitcases, bags, laptops etc. The device emulates a typical XPLORA device, with additional accessories/covers available to purchase separately. Connected to XPLORA mobile app, the XPLORA Module X comes preloaded with different interfaces for each function, which can be accessed and selected with a simple swipe on the screen.

Each XPLORA Module X comes with core standard features, including GPS and location tracking, geofenceable areas, an SOS button, WiFi connectivity, and network coverage. On top of that, each mode includes the following advanced features:

Bike tracker – an inbuilt G-sensor notifies the owner if their bike is being stolen or tampered with an alarm sounding from both the iOS/Android app and the XPLORA Module X. Tracking Mode will then automatically turn on. Geofenced areas can be set, with the user being alerted if the bike is taken out of a predetermined zone. The sensor can also detect if the bike has encountered a collision, and automatically dial contacts within three minutes if the “I’m fine” response has not been pressed. Riders can also track statistics such as distance, speed, effort zones, elevation, and number of calories burned. The bike tracker boasts a one month battery life, and complies with IP67, allowing it to be submerged in water up to 1.5 metres deep for 30 minutes.

Asset tracker – attaches to any item that the user would like to keep tabs on, such as a suitcase, a handbag, or a laptop. The alert feature and geolocation features will notify a user if the item has been stolen or tampered with, or even if it has simply been misplaced.

Pet tracker – monitors the whereabouts of animals, analyses how much they have moved, and also sets geofenced areas so that users are notified whenever the dog or cat roams too far.

Children’s device – similar to the XPLORA 3S, the XPLORA Module X can also be used by parents to keep a line of communication directly open with their children when they are out having fun and exploring. Features include calls, messages, a camera, emoji messaging, a step counter and an alarm.

Elderly device – the XPLORA Module X can also be easily integrated into the lives of senior citizens, allowing them to make and receive calls and messages. The elderly can use the step counter on the Module X for health monitoring, while the alarm can be utilised to remind them to, for example, take medication at certain times of the day. Notifications can be set by a family member or carer, who can be notified via the SOS button pressed by the senior user if they have fallen over or are involved in an accident. 

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