Dear customer,
As XPLORA is present in several European countries, we are paying close attention to statements made by countries’ health authorities and are adjusting our policies as governments update their guidelines. All the work we do and in the time to come shall therefore be executed in such a way that reduces the risk of infection spread. Because of this, we have established new routines to limit infection spread, which you can read below.

How this affects you
There is no reason to stay inactive during this time and we recommend you take this opportunity to wear the watch as much as possible while walking around the house. Compete with a family member or friend to see who gets the most steps per day! We also offer free shipping on all products during this time!

Working remotely
XPLORA is a multinational company consisting of many nationalities and it is vital for us to take action based on this. Many at XPLORA already worked from home before the crisis, but those of us who are usually found at one of our offices in Norway, Germany, the United Kingdom or Spain have been sent home to do our work remotely. At the time of writing this, no one in XPLORA are sick or have been diagnosed with symptoms of COVID-19. Because we handle orders that have to be sent out, some of us are still working from the office. Details on this below.

Handling goods
Even though every order was already handled with care, the current situation requires us to step up our game considerably. Our employees scrutinously wash their hands in between a certain amount of orders being handled in order to prevent infection spread. Antibacterial hand wash is easily available throughout the facility. This way we ensure that no potential infection spreads through our shipments. Post carriers are also required to do their part, which you can read more about on your respective carrier’s webpage.

Going forward
As we do not yet know for how long this will last, XPLORA is taking every precaution as advised by authorities and updating our policies accordingly. As mentioned, XPLORA takes security very seriously and we are not one to release products or packaging we cannot vouch for.
Stay safe and take care of each other.
-XPLORA team