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5 top tips to balance screen time and play time

5 top tips to balance screen time and play time

There's an old¬†saying "It's better to prevent than to treat", which seems to be particularly poignant when talking about technology dependence around kids and teenagers ūüď≤¬†

Technological innovation has transformed the world we live in and it's role in the lives of children and families. More children are using new digital technologies every day and it's getting harder and harder to control.

As parents, it can sometimes be¬†confusing and frustrating to constantly see new technology gaining a foothold in our children's upbringing. Last year, Janne Aalborg Reitevold wrote: ‚ÄúWe need a discussion about children's mobile phone use. We need to put this on the agenda and discuss it out loud. We must guide our children into the technological everyday life in a safe way for both young and old.‚ÄĚ

We at Xplora feel that this discussion should be taken seriously, as more and more parents are aware of the dangers that come with giving children access to smartphones and the internet. Developments and changes are inevitable, but there are things parents can influence in the ever-growing digital world.

1. Be a good role model
If your son or daughter sees that you spend more time looking at your phone than¬†interacting with those around you, they will feel its okay for them to do the same with their gadgets. We all know how much children observe and pick up their parents habits, good or bad. If you set a screen usage time rule for them, you¬†should follow it around them, as well ūüď≤¬†

2.¬†Keep track of screen time¬†‚Źį¬†

Keep track of how much time your kids spend online or in front of screens. Banning screen time altogether is not a realistic conclusion in the modern world, building a better balance is the way forward. When your child uses an Xplora smartwatch, they're rewarded for being active but rewarding them with screen time. No physical activity, no screen time. It's as simple as that! You can read more about our GoPlay platform here.

3. Set the rules together 
We want kids to learn what it means to create a rule and stick by it. If we follow them too closely and do not allow them the opportunity to succeed on their own, they won't learn or appreciate the rules in place.

4. Make exercise¬†and physical activity fun ūüŹÉ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ¬†
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the whole family is very important. Being physically active keeps children busy and engaged in the outside world. Sports, exploring with friends or simply playing in the garden all contribute to happy, healthy kids. Happy kids = happy parents. Happy parents = happy kids. It's a win win situation all round!

5.¬†Keep their imaginations alive ūüíú¬†
There is nothing quite like a child's imagination. The stories and scenarios they can cundger up are things that block buster movies are made of. It's important we encourage kids to keep a hold of thier imagination and not lose the ability to just be kids, and play. 

Have you got your own top tips that work for your family? Let us know in the comments ūüĎᬆ

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