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Xplora picked as the best all-round smartwatch for kids

Xplora picked as the best all-round smartwatch for kids

Xplora picked as the best all-round smartwatch for kids

Among hard competition the Xplora smartwatch continues to impress experts when they pick out the best buys in the market. 

This time it is the trusted UK website Expertreviews that has done a roundup of the absolutely best smartwatches for kids. All the biggest brands have been tested and weighted in criterias like durability and design, features, safety and battery life. 

The conclusion is clear: The Xplora X5 Play is the best all-round kids smartwatch! 

“The Xplora X5 Play is truly the Swiss Army knife of children’s smartwatches”-

The reviewers highlight the 2MP camera, the GPS function and the ability to call and send voice and text messages. 

“The companion app, available on both Android and iOS, is fully comprehensive, too. You can also view your child’s position live on a map and his or her recent GPS history”, they write about the Xplora X5 Play.


Xplora: Always on top!

The market for smartwatches is growing rapidly. Within 2028 the analysts expect to rise with 21.5% in size and shares. There are already a bunch of strong competitors. Therefore we are extremely happy to see that the Xplora smartwatches time after time are fighting at the top of the lists from the experts and reviewers.

This is not the first time technology experts hail Xplora’s smartwatches as one of the absolute best wearables for kids in the market:

So what is all the fuss about? The Xplora X5 Play is a mobile phone in the shape of a smartwatch, with all the extra features you could think of!


  • Stay connected – The X5 Play is the ideal first phone for children and keeps parents and kids connected while giving parents complete control over what their child can do and who they can communicate with.
  • Stay safer – The X5 Play uses GPS in combination with GSM and WIFI triangulation to keep parents informed where their children are at all times. Additionally, parents can easily set up safe zones, and they will be alerted when their children enter or leave them.
  • Stay active – The X5 Play encourages kids to be more active. It includes a step counter, rewards for every 1,000 steps taken, and interactive gamification experiences. Xplora has joined forces with Warner Bros, Sony, Netflix, Unicef among many others to make content for the Goplay-platform. 
  • Stay curious – The X5 Play encourages children to explore their environment and record their adventures with a 2MP camera that stores up to a thousand pictures on the device.
  • Stay secure – Xplora and the X5 Play comply with the strictest security and transparency standards in Asia and Europe, including GDPR compliance, to ensure that all the data is well protected from misuse and exploitation. It is also CPRA and CE/FCC compliant.

All collaborations in the unique and award winning Goplay platform are specifically designed to keep kids motivated, engaged, and moving. Goplay is what really makes Xplora to stand out in the competition. 

The features

Since 2016, Xplora's smartwatches have undergone rapid development across several models. Today we have one of the market's most advanced smartwatches for children.

It is a high-tech device that houses many functions, which makes everyday life easier and more fun for both children and adults. In addition, Xplora's smartwatches are an excellent source of increased activity, engaging entertainment and important humanitarian work. And perhaps most importantly, giving children a safe introduction to the digital world.

This is the features the X5 Play provides: 

Mobile phone: With Xplora's own SIM card, which is pre-installed when you buy a smartwatch, you are quickly connected to the outside world. The child gets a completely separate phone number and the calls go directly via the watch's built-in microphone and speaker. The child can easily make or receive calls by navigating the screen.

Clock: With the digital clock, the child can adjust the time herself, or practice learning the clock if needed! The watch comes with different types of time display, with the option of both analog and digital dials.

Messages and chat: The mobile watch can receive messages via Chat, which the child can reply to with pre-installed messages, emojis and voice messages - no boring text messages! The mobile watch can receive SMS, but not send SMS.

Safe zones: With Xplora's GPS function, you can easily follow when your child is out playing. You can also create safe zones in the Xplora app, which will notify you when your child leaves and arrives in the zone. In this way we give the child freedom and parents security!

Contact list: Parents can approve up to 50 contacts that the child can communicate with via the mobile phone. Thus, the child can not make contact with anyone other than those you want, and no unauthorized person can contact the child via the smartwatch.

School mode: Schools often have strict restrictions on the use of phones and watches. Xplora smartwatches thus come with a function that locks the display on the watch during the time the child is to be in the classroom and keep focus on their tasks there. The clock's other functions still work as normal!

Alarm: Are you struggling to get your child to get up in the morning? With the clock's built-in alarm, the child wakes up whenever you want - yes, maybe even before you get up yourself? The alarm function can also be used as a reminder of other chores and activities throughout the day.

Camera: The smartwatch comes with a 2.0 MP camera that can be used for video and photography (XGO2 comes with 0.3 MP). Xplora complies with GDPR regulations, so you do not have to worry about storage or images ending up on the internet. The X5 can store more than 1000 images and they can be used as a background to add a personal touch to the mobile watch.

Pedometer: With the built-in pedometer, the child can follow their own activity at any time. A real motivation to be on the move!

Goplay: With the mentioned pedometer, a new universe opens up for you and the children - namely Xplora's own award-winning activity platform Goplay. The children's steps are converted here into a separate currency - Xplora Coins. By earning Coins through activity, kids can buy cool products in the Goplay Store, they can use them to play fun games in the Xplora Arcade or join exciting auctions! Through campaigns, your children can also help change the world, by converting their steps into humanitarian work - we have already planted new trees and given water to poor children. The next project is about building cities with green energy.

Water-repellent: Xplora's smartwatches are robust and intended for children who play. It is therefore water-repellent and can be used in all kinds of rough weather. It is still recommended to turn off the clock when showering or playing in water in general. 

Xplora Coins: This is Xplora's and Goplay's own currency! By walking, you will be awarded one coin per thousand steps. These can also be shared between the children's watches and themselves, so in this way the family can save up for something in the Goplay Store, where you regularly find new exciting and cool items.

Wi-Fi: The watches can be connected to Wi-Fi, and this is also recommended to keep the watch updated with the latest software (firmware).

App: With the Xplora app, you have control over many of the above points and functions. This is downloaded via the App Store or Google Store. This parent app also supports more than 25 other types of smartwatches.

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