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It’s love month! Join Xplora's love challenge - Think about 5 people you’re missing and get connected! It’s easier than you think.

It’s love month! Join Xplora's love challenge - Think about 5 people you’re missing and get connected! It’s easier than you think.

It has been a rough couple of years. Home offices, isolation, a cultural life that has been shut down, limited socialisation and schooling. Friends have become more distant and colleagues just a face on a screen. When physical detachment becomes the standard, we also know it is more difficult to maintain love and friendships. 

So, it is time to reclaim love! 

There is no better time than February to do that - the month of love where Valentine's Day tops it all. Now that most restrictions are gone, we have a golden opportunity to nurse love and relight some old sparks.

Xplora’s challenge to you is to get in touch with five people that you have lost touch with or someone that you are missing in your life. Maybe a good friend that you just haven’t heard from in a long time. It could practically be anyone! 

Are you lacking ideas? Don't despair! Try one of these:

  1. Go on a new adventure

Some friends just need a little push to do the things that they love. Maybe they have been talking about it for years, but never did anything to chase that dream. It doesn’t even have to be a big thing! Maybe it’s just that dance-class in town, eating at a new restaurant, trying jogging for the first time or even a road trip to the coast. 

  1. Just checking in

Get in touch with someone you know has been dealing with some tough times. When something bad happens we are often overwhelmed by good wishes and sympathy in the following days. Sometimes it is hard to follow up in the next few weeks, months or even years. It might be as simple as asking; “How are you these days?”.

  1. Share a moment

Memories create strong feelings. Sharing that sentiment and nostalgia over things that happened way back when is something that connects us as humans. Shared moments of joyful experiences are a perfect ice breaker to get that friendship glowing again. Send that music video you used to love, buy a ticket to that band you grew up with, see that movie that scared you both to death the first time you saw it together. There is always something in your past that can be revived. 

  1. Give a compliment

Such a small and easy thing to do. It won’t cost you much to tell someone why you think they are special. Invite them over for a coffee or a drink, maybe a movie or even just for a catch up. Let them know why you value their presence in your life. It might feel awkward at first, if you’re not used to giving compliments, but trust us - no matter what people say, you always feel better when someone tells you something positive about your personality. People that are open with one another also connect easier. Be sincere without overdoing it. It’s nice, to be nice.

  1. It's the small things

If you’re feeling a disconnect with someone closest to you, it can feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Don’t think big, think small. Cook them their favourite meal one night, pick them up from work one day, surprise them with a small gift or flowers. Order breakfast and eat it in bed one Sunday morning, or slip a note into their bag or pocket that simply says ‘I love you’. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

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