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Is my child too young for a smartphone?

Is my child too young for a smartphone?

As technology continues to reshape how we see the world, there comes a time in most parents lives where they have to decide when the best time is to give their child a smartphone. However, the challenges and uncertainties around modern technology, make this decision a challenging one 😥 

Smartphones are seen as a necessity in today’s day and age, however with access to the internet, social media and unsolicited calls, it certainly is no place for kids. Even though some social media channels such as Instagram and Snapchat, impose age limits of 13 or above to register, these are seen as 'guidelines' and do not stop accounts being created, making it an unsafe option for the younger generation 📲 

So, you want to introduce your child to technology, give them freedom and independence but you don't want to give them a smartphone. You're uneasy about access to the internet, social media and unsolicited calls. Not to mention smartphones these days cost a small fortune. Trusting ourselves as adults to look after one without breaking a screen is tough enough, let alone expecting a child to remember to not drop or lose their own smartphone. As if that wasn't enough problems, most primary schools don't allow children to bring mobile phones in anyway. So, what do you do? 🤔 

Xplora was created from this very situation. Our founder Sten encountered every parents worst nightmare when he couldn't find his 4 year old son in a shopping centre. He searched for 'the longest 25 minutes of his life' not knowing where he was or with any way to get hold of him. Thankfully, they were safely reunited by the shopping centres security. However, the ordeal sparked a fire inside Sten to come up with a solution. Bridge the gap between letting your child be able to contact you where ever they are and be able to see their location, whilst not giving them a smartphone. This is where Xplora was born ❤️ 

Xplora Smartwatches: Designed for kids - Trusted by parents.

Your child's first phone. Xplora smartwatches have the ability to make and receive calls, 100% parental controlled by an app on the parents smartphone. Letting you keep in touch with your child wherever they are and vise versa. Only pre approved contacts are allowed, so no unsolicited calls! Happy parents knowing their child can contact them and they can be contacted in any situation ✅

wearable device that is durable, water resistant and adjustable, fitting your child's wrist perfectly, without the £1,000 price tag. No accidentally leaving it in the park or having it stolen from a back pocket ✅

GPS function. Allowing parents to safely see their child's location when they're out of sight. There are options to set safe zones, so you are alerted when your child's smartwatch leaves that area. Peace of mind for parents and no more losing your child in a shopping centre ✅ 

School mode that allows the smartwatch to be worn solely as a watch and calculator, applying with all school guidelines and respects privacy. All interactive features will be paused and can be controlled only from the Xplora app on the parents smartphone. Parents can still see their child's location from their device and set school hours for when the interactive features will start up again, after the school day finishes. Happy parents knowing their child is safely at school and no angry headmasters ✅ 

For a full speck of our smartwatches capabilities, click here

Did you know children aged between 6 and 7 years old spend on average 133 minutes a day looking at a screen? That's more than 2 hours of tv, internet, games or streaming services on parents smartphones, tv's or tablets, every single day! This is just one of the reasons Xplora are on a mission to regain a healthy balance between screen time and physical activity. 

Xplora smartwatches are designed for children aged 4 -12 years old, bridging the gap before your child is ready for a smartphone and safely and securely introducing them to the digital world. Xplora gives parents peace of mind and children independence and freedom, the perfect combination to let kids still be kids, whilst knowing they're safe. Our aim is to encourage kids to be spending time with friends, enjoying school, playing outside and exploring the world in real life, not through the lense of a phone screen. 

Explore the world, with Xplora. Buy your Xplora smartwatch here and let's change the world together. One Xplora step at a time!

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