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The Xplora smartwatch is the perfect companion for children ages 5-12!

The Xplora smartwatch is the perfect companion for children ages 5-12!

With the Xplora smartwatch, your child can independently discover the world, meet friends, be active, and experience adventures—while you always know where they are, and can communicate with them at any time. 

Xplora is more than just the first mobile phone for kids

Main functions:

- Call & Messages
- Camera
- Step Counter
- Safe Zones
- School Mode
and much more!


Xplora family app

The clock is activated via the Xplora family app and set up by the parents or another trusted person. Parents thus always maintain control. You can add contacts via the app, and only these contacts are visible on the Xplora watch. The child can communicate only with the contacts set up by the parents. All other functions, such as setting an alarm clock, school mode, or safe zones, are also controlled via the family app.

Which model suits your child best?

Xplora is a leading European children’s smartwatch manufacturer and has tailored all functions of the Xplora smartwatch and the connected app to meet the needs of children and parents.


Premium model - X5 Play

The X5 Play is the perfect companion for active, sporty children.
It is waterproof to IP68, has a 2MP camera, and 800mAh battery power.The clock withstands all outdoor activities and its features ensure a lot of fun! Colours: Black, Pink, Blue
Price: £159.99

Entry-level model - XGO2

The XGO is designed for little adventurers. Equipped with a flashlight function, dust protection, and protection against temporary submergence up to a maximum of 1m water depth—it is the safe companion for exciting experiences. Colours: Black, Pink, Blue, Green
Price: £99.99

All Xplora products and services are GDPR compliant. The communication of the watch is encrypted and therefore designed to be secure.Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our customer support at any time, and they will be happy to advise you. 


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