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WE DID IT! We have completed the Net Zero Campaign in Goplay!

WE DID IT! We have completed the Net Zero Campaign in Goplay!

We have completed the third milestone of the "Net Zero in 12 months"campaign! It's all because of the amazing collaboration of the participants and the contribution of our partners, Collectia and United Cities, that has made it happen! We feel very proud that thanks to the daily steps donated by 11.859 participants around the world through the free Xplora App, we have reached the steps goal of 1.500.000.000 and therefore have completed the campaign!

Congratulations to the three winners!

We would like to thank you all for donating your steps, you have been incredibly generous with your contribution! Xplora has already contacted the three winners of the third Challenge and they will be awarded with; a 64GB Apple iPad for the first winner, Apple Airpods Pro for the second and a Nintendo Switch for the third.

Now, it's time to wait for the most special part of the project: to see how the solar panels see the light, start working and begin to improve the lives of the citizens of Lebanon. The most special and grateful part of this whole journey, without a doubt. 

If you have made it this far without knowing what the Net Zero in 12 months campaign is, let us explain it to you briefly:

What is the Net Zero Campaign in Lebanon About?

The “Net Zero in 12 months” Campaign was created to tackle global problems by acting locally, starting with this project in Lebanon. It’s a sustainable initiative created by Xplora together with United Cities and Collectia, project partners, to make a real impact in the world and change the lives of others. The aim of the Net Zero Campaign was to help thousands of people in Lebanon access a clean and sustainable source of energy, thus giving them the means to rebuild their lives by building a whole solar facility.

The campaign aimed to bring clean energy to the village of Bchaaleh in Lebanon by building a whole solar panel facility in a record amount of time. The village of Bchaaleh, like many areas of the world, suffers from a huge energy crisis with access to only 2 hours of electricity a day, which makes basic tasks such as working, eating or studying an odyssey for many.

Therefore, the pilot project will contribute to bringing green energy to the city of Bchaaleh in Lebanon, and will allow for: more productive working hours, better health services, better learning environments, sustainable food production and new business opportunities.

Where did the Net Zero campaign take place?

The campaign took place on the Goplay platform, on the free Xplora app. The Xplora parental app campaigns, for those who are not familiar with them, are specially designed for children who own a Xplora watch and work by counting steps: the more steps you take per day, the more chances you have to win prizes and move up levels in the campaigns. Although for this occasion, as it was a campaign that aimed to involve both adults and children, the app was able to welcome any type of user who wanted to register and take part in the Net Zero campaign: all they had to do was register and count their physical activity through the step counter.

The Net Zero campaign combined gamification, physical activity and awareness-raising, essential factors to keep children engaged and interested in the campaign, to keep them playing without being glued to a screen by having them donate their steps to access the prizes, and to learn about what is happening on the other side of the world. 

While it is usually more popular among children as the Goplay platform has been created by and for them, on this occasion, there was a little more participation from adults, leaving very similar final results with 5,537 App subscribers and 5,452 Watch subscribers. And leaving some pretty valuable awareness data: we are all willing to give a little of ourselves and take steps forward when it comes to helping others and reducing our footprint on the planet.

How many countries were involved?

The campaign was translated into 13 languages: English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, American English and Arabic (LBN), and attracted participants from 60 countries all over the world.

The top 10 countries with the most participants were Germany with 5.410, Norway with 897 and Sweden with 814, following countries such as Finland with 614, The UK with 484, Denmark with 484, Spain with 434, Austria with 377, Hungary with  244 and The US with 282. 

Although, they were not necessarily the countries that contributed the most in number of steps, since according to the number of steps donated, the countries that topped the ranking of those who donated more steps to the campaign were the following: Germany 2.099.900.482 , Norway 443.429.836, Sweden 362.410.350 , Finland 313.325.308, Denmark 230.497.630, Spain 156.562.706, Austria 142.839.059, United Kingdom 142.563.355, Switzerland 135.186.486 and Italy 90.213.182 . 

Proclaiming Germany as the well-deserved winner of the Net Zero campaign in terms of both number of participants and steps donated, followed by Norway in second place and Sweden in third.

How is the installation going in Lebanon?

The solar panels installation started on September 1st in Bchaaleh (Lebanon) and since then, there have been big movements in the project. For now, what we could advance is that the land preparation and soils tests have been completed and the foundation blocks and structures are almost half way. If everything works accordingly, the installation, which will involve more than 40 people, is expected to be completed by mid-December.

Recently, United Cities had the opportunity to travel to Lebanon to visit together with ME Green, the consultant and contractor company in charge of the Net Zero project in Lebanon, all the new developments on site. The pictures below are from their last visit.

It's so exciting to see how everything is on track and we're getting closer to the end goal!


Development of the solar installation in Bchaaleh, Lebanon

Land preparation and soils tests have been completed for the Net Zero in 12 months campaign in Lebanon

 In the meantime, keep an eye on our linked in and corporate blog for the latest news and updates.


Relive the Net Zero campaign

If you missed out any part of the campaign and would like to relive it again, this is your chance. We invite you to watch the videos of the campaign on our YouTube channel. Under the Xplora /Net Zero-ESG playlist, you will find podcasts about the project and interviews with Lebanese citizens. For more information, you can also visit the Goplay platform to see how the campaign has been developed on the Xplora App.

Help us raise awareness and spread the word by sharing the campaign with family and friends!

 Visit our Youtube Channel to find out more videos about the campaign.

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