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Halloween activities the whole family will enjoy

Halloween activities the whole family will enjoy

Halloween ideas for the whole family to enjoy! 

Halloween is the perfect time of year to get crafty, creative and spend time with your family. Although it is a spooky season, it certainly doesn’t need to be a scary one! Check out these 5 fun family activities that everyone can enjoy.

Trick or Treating

Trick or treating, without doubt, is one of the best parts of Halloween for children and adults alike. There is something about watching your little ones dress up that brings back your own Halloween memories growing up, nostalgic heaven!

As your kids get a little older, they may want to go trick or treating with their friends or older siblings, instead of having mum or dad in tow. The prospect can be a daunting one, having your little ones out of sight, however Xplora has you covered. You can easily see your child’s location using the GPS function whilst they’re out trick or treating. You can read more about the GPS function by clicking this link here

Psssttt: You can buy an Xplora smartwatch by clicking our website here. Why not get an orange colour for the Halloween weekend! 

Pumpkin Art 🎃

One of the most memorable parts of Halloween is pumpkin carving. When you think of Halloween, you probably think of pumpkins. So, get the carving kits out and create your own individual pumpkins! You can find some awesome stencils for cool designs here. 

Want to try something different or don't fancy carving a pumpkin? Paint them instead! This is a great option for young children who are not yet able to use carving tools, and another fun way to get creative this Halloween. Use your child’s Xplora smartwatch to take photos of the pumpkins once they’re created! You can find out more about the camera feature on our smartwatches by clicking here. 

Xplora pumpkin carving


Spooky Songs 🎵 

See how many songs you can come up with that have a Halloween theme to them! Pop them into a playlist and blast them round the house to get into the spooky spirit! Need some inspiration? Spotify and Apple Music both have some amazing halloween playlists that are suitable for all the family!

Bake some festive sweet treats 👻 

Satisfy your sweet tooth by making your own sweet treats with a spooky twist this year. Bake some ghost cakes or spider muffins to share with your family. For inspiration, check out this creator here for quick and easy halloween recipes! 

Decorate your cave 🕷 

Decorating the house is always a fun family activity, no matter the holiday or occasion. You can set up fake spider webs, some toilet roll bats, ghosts, or other scary decorations, like a spooky spider, around the house to get into the Halloween feel.

Halloween decorations

Order your Xplora XGO3 by Wednesday 26th October to ensure Halloween weekend delivery!  Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook with your best Halloween activities! 


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