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Why a Kids Smart Watch is the best thing to give your child before school

Why a Kids Smart Watch is the best thing to give your child before school

Should I give my child a Kids Smart Watch for school?

Around the start of school, many parents choose to introduce an Xplora Kids Smart Watch, your child's first mobile phone, to their kids. For many, a mobile device can be an important way to know where their child is at all times. It also makes everyday life easier, with the coordination and logistics that come with kids! Over 700,000 families have already chosen an Xplora smartwatch for their children, with numbers rising every day!

Xplora was founded with a clear goal and vision: Let kids be kids whilst keeping them safe. There were no mobile products on the market that were specifically designed and suitable for children; until Xplora introduced their Kids Smart Watch in 2015. Now you can postpone the purchase of a traditional smartphone, which comes with a lot of features designed for teenagers and adults, such as social media and internet access - functions that kids absolutely do not need. With an Xplora smartwatch, kids can be kids - whilst adults can still be in control! You are in control of who your child can be in contact with, their location and more all within the Xplora parenting app. 

Our Xplora Kids Smart Watch are equipped with: 

✔️ Call function 

✔️ GPS function 

✔️ School mode

✔️ Camera 

✔️ Pedometer

✔️ Voice messages

✔️ No social media and internet 

✔️ SOS button

Why an Xplora Kids Smart Watch for the start of school? 

Xplora is a safe introduction to the digital world. There is no access to the internet, social media and inappropriate content. This way, children and parents can focus on the most important thing: keeping in touch with their loved ones, safely and securely.

Whilst we have removed all the features of the smartphone that are not suitable for children, we have kept all the main functions (calls and voice messages) in addition to sophisticated GPS, to ensure the best user experience for kids. 

With a Kids Smart Watch from Xplora, your child can go to and from school freely, knowing they're easily contactable via the call function and easily locatable via the GPS. Knowing your child can get in contact with you should anything happen, gives huge relief and peace of mind.

Let's talk about School Mode. 

School mode is a fixed time setting that prevents children from using the interactive features on their Xplora Kids Smart Watch inside of customisable school hours. Whilst in School Mode, the smartwatch works exclusively as regular watch - and no other functions are available to use. Parents manage this through our parental app, and it is not possible for the children to manage this themselves from the device. In this way, the smartwatch is not a disturbance in the classroom for the kids or the teachers. The GPS and pedometer still work whilst school mode is active, so parents can see their little ones are safely within the school grounds. 

What about camera?

As long as the Xplora Kids Smart Watch is in school mode, the camera function is disabled. As previously mentioned, there is no access to the internet, so sharing on social media via the smartwatch is not possible. In addition, the photos taken with the Xplora devise can only be shared with pre-approved contacts that are controlled exclusively within the parental app.

You can buy Xplora Kids Smart Watch from over 20 retailers in the UK including: EE, Curry's, Very and John Lewis.

Good luck with the start of school! 

The start of school is such an exciting time, whether it's your child's very first day of school or starting a new class. 

We hope that our Xplora smartwatches will contribute to an easier start to school for both you and your little ones, and we wish you the best of luck!

Buy our innovative Kids Smart Watch here!

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