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Why do mums and dads choose Xplora?

Why do mums and dads choose Xplora?

 There is no doubt that being a parent can be extremely hectic at times! Everyday life is busy, and the tasks are often piling up for parents of young children. As children get older, they become more independent and the logistics of keeping in touch—before they are old enough for a smartphone—become more difficult. So, it can be fantastic to have a tool like Xplora to check-in and communicate!

 We live in a world where more and more young children are getting their first smartphone at an early age. Most days include making packed lunches, dropping off at kindergarten/school, getting to work, serving dinner, helping with homework, driving to sports activities, and all other tasks that need to be accomplished. It is therefore easy to understand that it is important for both children and parents to be able to call each other at any time, but that does not mean that you need to give children a smartphone. An Xplora smartwatch is your child’s first mobile phone and is specially developed for them, without access to the internet and social media.

We asked two simple questions to three moms

 What is the reason you chose an Xplora smartwatch for your child? 

How has it contributed to the start of school?

 Check out their answers!


  1. When we had to choose a smartwatch for our children, the choice became very easy when we discovered Xplora smartwatches!! The watch is full of functions that make our everyday life so much easier - we can call each other, we can send voice messages, we have GPS on where the kids are, and best of all is that we adults can control everything via the parent app!! The watch is simply worth its weight in gold!
  2. Our 8-year-old wears their Xplora watch to school every day. The clock is set to school mode during school hours, so we do not have to be afraid that it will make a noise. He enjoys himself on the way to school and when he has arrived well, he proudly calls home and lets us know.


    1. The reason we bought this smartwatch for our girl was that we knew she would spend more time away from home when she started 1st grade, as well as more time visiting friends and family. With the watch, we always know where she is, and she can safely reach us if something should happen. It gives a lot of peace of mind to know where she is. We thought for a long time about getting an Xplora smartwatch because it meets all of our requirements—and a mobile phone was completely out of the question for a 6-year-old.
    2. Your smartwatch has helped our daughter to cycle to friends’ houses and school, and know that she arrives safely. She is very good at calling along the way and when she has arrived. Xplora smartwatches help children to be more independent, without the parents having to constantly follow/drive the child to friends who live nearby. I am very happy and will recommend this product to many.

     Cathrine Aaser Wiborg

    1. The reason we chose the Xplora smartwatch was that my child experienced bullying at school and on the way to school, and they are not allowed to bring a mobile phone. With the watch, I can find her via GPS when school mode is turned on/off. A long way to school and a child running into the woods to hide from others is an incredibly painful feeling for both the child, but also for parents who then did not know where she was. My child has felt much safer after she got this watch!
    2. The Xplora smartwatch has helped her to be less afraid of starting school because she knows we can always reach each other. She can also call a couple of friends who go to other schools, which I have posted. Then the way to school is more fun because they can talk to each other. She can also keep track of what time it is, instead of having to ask all the time, and that makes her calmer.


    Where can you buy Xplora smartwatches?

     We are extremely pleased to hear that an Xplora smartwatch contributes to an easier everyday life for both young and old.

    If you are considering buying an Xplora smartwatch for your child, we have two different options available now!

    Buy your X5Play for £159.99, - HERE and your XGO2 for £99.99 HERE.

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