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Xplora smartwatch with GPS gives peace of mind this summer ☀️

Xplora smartwatch with GPS gives peace of mind this summer ☀️

Keep your child safe with GPS and safety zones

Our Xplora smartwatches come with a wide range of features that are embraced by over half a million families across the globe. The built-in GPS and the ability to create safe zones for your children is one of the most popular features by far. Learn how and why you should use them this summer 

The backbone of Xplora's philosophy is keeping kids safe and active whilst providing security and peace of mind for parents. We know that letting your child have freedom, giving them the opportunity to become independent and engage in active play with friends, is incredibly important for their development. 

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Technology is here

The world of technology has progressed leaps and bounds in recent decades. This fast pace, ever changing environment can be confusing and things are not always as clear and safe as one would like, especially when it comes to children's online and offline safety. 

The discussion around increased GPS in modern society is a topic that comes to our attention regularly. To what extent should parents supervise their children? Should they really be following every step they take? Is it an invasion of my child's privacy? These are all relevant questions and topics that are at the forefront of our mind when creating new features for our smartwatches. Each family is different and should set their own boundaries and find good solutions that suit your child and families needs. Xplora smartwatches are here to make those decisions that much easier to make, by providing a safe and healthy alternative to worrying about your children's wearabouts.

By giving children an Xplora smartwatch, you are giving them the freedom and opportunity to learn, interact and socialise with others whilst having that peace of mind as a parent. Knowing your child is contactable and locatable at any time allows you as a parent to relax, whilst letting kids be kids. An important part of a child's development curve is learning by themselves and feel they're being given the independence they deserve. Xplora smartwatches are designed for kids and trusted by parents.

All storage of information in Xplora's smartwatches is in accordance with the GDPR regulations. 

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GPS with safe zones

With an Xplora smartwatch, the GPS within the device has the ability to create custom safe zones. Say you're in a park having a picnic and your kids want to go and run around. You as a parent could create a safe zone on your Xplora app around the park. The safe zones can range from 300-5000 meters in size and you can also create multiple boundaries. This means that you will receive a notification on your smartphone if your child moves outside of the geographical boundary you have set. 

To create a security zone:

  1. Open the parent app "Xplora".
  2. Go to the profile page of the child for whom you want to set a safety zone
  3. In the top window, tap the address where the clock is now. Note: It must have power for this to appear.
  4. You will now see the map with the picture and marker where the clock (and the child) is.
  5. At the top of the screen you will see various buttons / menu options. Press the “S-Zone” option 
  6. At the top left, the option "Edit S-Zone" now appears. Select this. 
  7. Here you get a list of all security zones that have been registered before. To create a new zone, press +. 
  8. Zoom in and out on the map and tap on the point you want to be the center of the security zone. This can be, for example, the home, school or home of grandparents or friends. 
  9. Give the zone a name.
  10. Select the radius of the zone. 300 meters is the smallest radius possible and 5000 meters is the largest. 
  11. Press "Save"

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Enjoy summer in peace

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the Xplora smartwatch features. With longer days and brighter nights, kids always want to stay out just that little bit longer; whether that's our on their bikes with their friends or playing in the garden. 

Here are some of our top feature tips for summer cenarios:

  • Have your child call you when they're leaving the park and turn on the GPS for their journey home.
  • Ask your child to take some photos of their adventures and send them to you via message. 
  • Set up a safe zone when with large groups of people, to be alerted if anyone leaves the surrounding area.
  • Your child is ready to start walking to school on their own, but you're nervous about their safety. Create a safe zone that runs from home to school and use the GPS function to see they've arrived at school safely.

All storage of information in Xplora's smartwatches takes place in accordance with the GDPR regulations. 

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