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Your Xplora summer checklist ☀️

Your Xplora summer checklist ☀️

Are your children ready for summer adventures? Make sure you check out our summer checklist tips and tricks, let's go! 🌞 

Long days and bright nights, traveling to different countries, meeting new friends, enjoying to your favorite ice cream and visiting the local outdoor pool. Summer is finally here! 😀 

To make sure you make the most of summer - together with your Xplora smartwatch - we have collected some tips and tricks for the whole family to ensure you enjoy yourself as much as possible!

Protect your skin from the sun!

There is nothing worse than feeling the negative effects of the sun after a long day outside. Childrens skin is very sensitive and needs sun protection with a high sun protection factor. In the peak of summer, we advise always using factor 50 on your kids skin. Make sure that your sun cream not only protects against UVB rays, but also against UVA rays. Better still, pop a cute sun hat and some protective clothing on your little ones to ensure they don't get burnt. For the most enjoyable experience in the sunshine, try and head out earlier in the morning or late afternoon, when the suns rays are less strong!

Eye spy with my little eye

We should not only protect our skin but also our eyes from the sun's rays. Children's eyes are particularly sensitive and should be protected with dark tinted category 3 glasses or, when at the beach, with category 4 glasses 😎 

Keep hydrated

Make sure you've packed lots of water to drink throughout the day. Especially when we sweat a lot, the body needs an extra portion of fluid to stay well hydrated. Fruit and vegetables with a high water content are great snacks on hot days. Try not to eat a heavy a meal if you want to go swimming afterwards. Fresh strawberries, watermelon, cucumber or tomatoes are the perfect hydrating light snack 💧 

Take off your Xplora smartwatch before swimming

If you're at the beach or down at your local pool, It's best to take off your Xplora smartwatch before applying sun lotion and before going into the water. The Xplora X5 Play is certified IP68 as "water resistant", but children in particular rarely keep a close eye on how long and how deep they are in the water. So we advice to pop it off their wrist before they go for a dip 💦 

Plus, if we're going to get technical about it, not all water is the same. The likes of chlorine, shampoo and salt can impair the water resistance of technical devices, making water resistance no longer guaranteed. Find out more about the Xplora X5's features here.

Thought of everything? Then bring on the summer holidays!

With the camera on your Xplora smartwatch, your little ones can capture moments and send them straight to family and friends. Plus, with the Xplora kids' smartwatch, they can earn Xplora coins as they accumulate their step and climb the Goplay rankings along the way! 🏃‍♂️ 

Do you have any other tips for a great summer? Feel free to write them down in the comments! ✍️ 

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