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Announcing the #Goplay competition winners!

Announcing the #Goplay competition winners!

The hunt for the giant flamingo has officially come to a close! 

At Xplora, one of our core goals is to keep children healthy, safe and active. We achieve this by combining our smartwatch with an interactive platform that rewards participants with prizes for ranking high on an activity leaderboard, which is tied to the watch’s step counter feature. 

For every 1,000 steps a user takes, they earn 1 flamingo badge. At the end of the competition, the user who has earned the most flamingo wins a HUGE inflatable flamingo that we will ship to them! 

This resulted in our users taking more than 150 MILLION steps in 14 countries, just for this campaign alone! We also awarded 152,611 Flamingo badges to participating users who achieved at least 1,000 steps and the average user achieved 10,000 steps per day!

During the past few months, we offered the opportunity for GoPlay participants from around the world to compete for the chance to win the world’s largest inflatable flamingo!!! 

Congrats to Ökomom for winning this hilarious and fun prize by walking over 1.3 million steps! We know you worked hard for it and we hope that you will enjoy many sunny days on this majestic bird with all of your closest friends. You’ll definitely be the talk of the town when people see you out on the water! We hope you find a place to store it 😂

Also congrats to all of the other winners: Lalauritas, FinnNeu, Efrén#716, AdrianPerez, aimeemausi, xamxam, Sondre16, Hilla12, Oliwer14. We hope you have tons of fun with your hover shoes and action camera!


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