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Are you ready for back to school 2020?

Are you ready for back to school 2020?

This is not a normal school year. Some of our children have not seen their classmates since March. Now after 5 months they will meet again but some things will have changed. The classroom, the rules of social distancing, the mask regulations...

A small survey conducted among friends and followers of Xplora confirms that most children are looking forward to going back to school. They want to see their friends again, but of course, some are still afraid of coming back because of COVID-19.

Going back to school always requires a few days of adjusting to the new schedule and routine—it is good to try to do it a few days before so that the return is more bearable.

It is also good to involve them in preparing their backpack, buying books/supplies, and taking a look at them together before starting classes. And why not include an Xplora on the back to school supply list? Giving kids an Xplora can be very motivating, as well as practical. Xplora is a GPS smartwatch that will allow kids to go to school alone for the first time. From home to school it might only be 5 minutes or a few meters, but they will feel more independent doing it themselves—and at the same time safe since they can call you at any time and you can always see their location from the parental app.

Xplora will be your child's first mobile phone, but in the form of a watch so that it will not be lost or dropped—giving them autonomy will also help to make them grow mentally healthy and strong.

Also, Xplora comes equipped with "school mode"—during that time the smartwatch will be a simple watch and you will not be able to make or receive calls. Practical and simple.

Xplora can also help children with their daily routines like sleep, healthy habits, hygiene, homework, etc. You can configure the "alarms" in the app so that their Xplora alerts them to fulfill their various tasks. They will feel more independent and responsible and you will avoid the daily fights that often wear us down so much.

Finally, we propose to have a healthier rest of the year, fewer screens and more outdoor activities. Xplora helps with this, as it is the only device that encourages much-needed physical exercise, and incentivizes steps by letting kids exchange steps for Xplora coins—which you can then buy exclusive gifts on the Goplay platform. Learn more at

Take advantage of our back to school offers at

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