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How are children affected by too much screen time?

How are children affected by too much screen time?

Recently we asked our followers if they feel that screen time has increased among their children in this Corona time. The results varied somewhat depending on the country, but one thing everyone had in common—screen time has increased. Layoffs, quarantine, and being at home as much as possible are the everyday reality of most people in today's situation. 

Parents who usually work outside their homes may find it challenging to focus and get something done, especially when their children are at home during the day. Children need attention, stimulation and physical activity. Therefore, it can be difficult for the child to accept that "dad is working now" or "mom is sitting in a meeting". In these cases, it is so easy for us to offer the child an iPad or mobile phone to keep them occupied in the meantime, to get a break. The parents get peace and quiet, and the child is happy. It makes it so much easier to work from home.

For many families, this has become a "new everyday life", which we do not yet see the consequences of.

What we do know is that screen time contributes to both reduced physical activity and that smartphones/iPads are undoubtedly addictive. This can contribute to poor mental health and increased obesity rates in our children and young people. Some studies also show that learning ability is poorer when sitting still. 

Martin Lossman, an educator, lecturer, author and teacher, explains that there are also studies showing that children today do not have the same creativity and imagination as before. Researchers believe that the main reason for this is the lack of boredom, which is often the main inspiration for being creative. In today's society, iPad/smartphone usage contributes to the fact that we are entertained at all times and do not have a special need or desire to be creative. This also applies to our children.  

So our conclusion is, that children must be physically active, whether it is Corona time or not.

We hope that our product can help make it a little easier for both children and parents to limit screen time. Xplora is a product that contributes to increased physical activity and greater independence in children. It is specially adapted for children ages 4 and up.  

Through the parenting app, you can see exactly how many steps your child takes during the day, and with the GPS function, you can always be sure of where your child is—making it feel easier and safer to let your child out in the garden or playground.  

The watch is equipped with: 

  • GPS - Always know where your child is with the unique GPS feature. In the Xplora app, you will also be notified on your smartphone when the child enters or leaves a safe zone.
  • Phone - Do you need to get in touch with your child? No problem. They are only a call away. Here, as a parent, you can specify who can contact your child and who the child can call. 
  • The pedometer and Goplay - We cheer on active children and want to inspire social play and activity. All our latest models are equipped with the pedometer, where the child can follow the distance they travel when they are out playing. That is why we have been working on for a long time with the launch of our latest activity platform, where children are rewarded for physical activity through earned Xplora coins.  

If you have questions, feel free to reach out on our website or via social media on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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