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Kids smartwatch technologies are keeping kids more active AND healthy!

Kids smartwatch technologies are keeping kids more active AND healthy!

Xplora’s smartwatch, in combination with the #GOPLAY platform are helping to keep kids active, healthy and adventurous! Just last week, all users took a combined total of nearly 1 BILLION steps and earned 60K+ coins for the GoPlay store!!! 

XPLORA smartwatch for kids #GOPLAY

1 billion steps, by the way, would be enough to go around the world (at the equator) approximately 14 times, based on an average step being 2 feet or .61 meters. Now that’s an impressive achievement. 

XPLORA smart watch for kids

An active child is a healthy child and with XPLORA, children are taking more steps than their peers. Physical activity also has many health benefits, keeping children happier and more confident, according to healthline. The health site also mentions that more active children are less likely to experience depression, anxiety, and developmental delays. 

In addition, kids who are using the XPLORA smartwatch with GPS locator save their parents a lot of anxiety too (we can attest to this personally)! Not long ago, parents had to stress about where their kids were and whether they were safe. But, with a GPS locator and mobile phone on this smartwatch, that’s a problem of the past. 

But, how does this benefit the KIDS? Well, children can be rewarded with coins for being active. Since the XPLORA smartwatch has a step counter, children can be rewarded for playing outside! By combining the Online and Offline worlds (O2O), we promote healthy play and activity by getting kids active and outdoors and simultaneously allow them to earn coins that can be used to unlock rewards such as games, clothes, or other accessories in our online store. In fact, we’ve awarded more than 861,500 coins so far… and considering that you can buy a 64GB iPad Air for just 2200 coins, that’s a lot of rewards to be given out! 

XPLORA smart watch for kids

But, will kids really run, walk, or play more just to earn some stuff in an online shop? Well, actually, the data shows that the answer is YES! Children who are subscribed to one of our ongoing GoPlay campaigns, such as Peter Rabbit 2, are taking more than twice as many steps as their peers and earning official Peter Rabbit 2 merchandise straight from the film studio along the way. 

XPLORA smart watch for kids

So, are you curious how you can join up now and get started? Here’s how: 

  • Step 1: Buy an XPLORA smartwatch
  • Step 2: Get outside and get active! 
  • Step 3: Login into the GOPLAY platform using your XPLORA app credentials
  • Step 4: Join a campaign or use your coins in the online store

That’s it… it’s that simple :D Are you ready to get started? If so, join up and get started with the Peter Rabbit 2 campaign and keep an eye out for more to come. 

XPLORA smart watch for kids

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