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Kids Wearables Update

Kids Wearables Update

More than 35 million kids smartwatches to be shipped in 2021.
Are you ready?

"In 2019 for first time we saw 7% market penetration by Xplora in this category outside China (Norway) and following trends now being seen in other European markets."
- Elkjøp (Dixon) retail

"Much of the market is fragmented between Chinese and non-Chinese brands. Norway based Xplora is helping drive volumes in Europe."
- Futuresource Wearable Technology Report 2020

"Fitbit to launch 4G kids smartwatch as the next wearable battleground looms."

Europe’s #1 Kids Smartwatch Brand

Xplora creates Market Leading Value Proposition

Through a genuinely unique and comprehensive value proposition encompassing products and service, Xplora has created a market leading offering for both end consumers and resellers which has helped establish Xplora as the category leader for kids wearables.

Innovative Products

Xplora launches the world first eSIM enabled kids connected smartwatch the X5 Play. Available in both eSIM and Nano SIM variants the X5 Play breaks new ground in terms of quality and innovation. Joining Xplora’s comprehensive range of kids connected smartwatches the X5 Play eSIM will set a new standard for the Industry.



Xplora Introduces Unique IoT App and Goplay Activity Platform

Never before have kids been less active than they are today, at Xplora we’d like to try to change that. We all know kids should stay active, investigate, and explore the world in a safe, healthy and socially engaged way. That’s why Xplora has launched the world’s first O2O (Online 2 Offline) platform that rewards physical activity with great entertainment.

And now with our all new IoT App we’ve incorporated all the features of our Goplay platform into one place providing ease of access and increased functionality making the parents and the kids experience even more richer and rewarding.

Distribution Powerhouse

Xplora experiences three fold growth year on year.

Working in close partnership with prestigious resellers and distribution partners across Europe Xplora has trebled its business year on year for the past three years. In 2020 we expect to have partnered with over 50 key reseller partners covering Europe and North America who collectively will sell almost a quarter of a million Xplora kids connected smartwatches.

Xplora achieves 7% market penetration with Nordic retail giant Elkjøp.

Connected device sales have focused primarily on Retail & Telco with approximately 20% of direct to consumer sales coming from our own Webshop and Amazon.



Moving from just 15 channel partners in 2018 to more than 50 in 2020.



Xplora has developed a best-in-class blueprint for a high performance go-to-market strategy making efficient use of marketing funds, currently performing at less than $5 acquisition cost per customer in online channels. We can offer our channel partners valuable insights and guidance on promotional execution to maximise conversion and ultimately drive better sales.

Xplora is already partners with some of the world’s most recognised and loved brands enabling us to drive a strong content strategy.

Our marketing consists of product, CSR and content / partner driven activities.

Influencer marketing is heavily integrated into our plans as one of the key pillars to build better social engagement and brand trust.

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