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XPLORA is Celebrating a Rebranding!

XPLORA is Celebrating a Rebranding!

Over the last few years, we have grown from a tiny startup creating smart devices for children, to become Europe’s leading children smartwatch manufacturer. This has been the result of focusing on our passion for helping keep children safe, active and healthy—in combination with tremendous support from our loyal customers who have acted as promoters, influencers, and R&D specialists :)

With an XPLORA smartwatch, our 400,000+ users are taking a combined total of more than 1BILLION steps per week!!! That’s enough to go around the world 14 times…AND children have earned more than 1MILLION coins for use in our online webshop, just for staying active. 

Rebranding Highlights

As we continue to grow as an organization, our ability to influence the world around us through positive social change is also growing. Today, we are excited to announce a few key changes: 

  • You may have noticed that our logo has changed. We have shifted from a butterfly to an X. This X represents a few key things: 
    • Two play buttons in opposite directions - showing impact in both ways, as kids move, the world moves.
    • The way that XPLORA connects and unities families around safe, active and healthy lifestyles.
    • Our crossroads where digital technology, happy children, physical activity, and an awareness of the world around us all intersect. 
  • We are also proud to announce that we are launching a new and improved version of our mobile app, which allows nearly anyone with a smart device to access the GOPLAY store and earn coins for being active (yes, finally kids and adults can earn coins together!) 
  • We have also launched a new website which makes it easier to learn more about our mission, vision and values; as well as browse new products and offers, see leaderboards of how active our users are, and view our social impact as a result of your purchases.
  • Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, we are proud to announce that from now on, XPLORA will be planting a tree for each smartwatch purchased in our online store. Not only are we committed to helping kids be more active and healthy, but also more aware of the world around them and more conscious of the impact they can make on the environment and in the lives of other people. 

We’ve Updated our Logo

Our logo is a symbol of our commitment to supporting healthy, active kids. It is much more than just an X. The X stands for XPLORA, but it also represents a symbol that is the backbone of our product and of what we stand for… the “play” symbol. This is also connected to our #GOPLAY platform, which rewards children for activity with coins to use in an online webshop. 


We’ve Launched a New XPLORA App

We’re very excited to launch our new app and to share with you! The big benefit of this new app is that now anyone with a smart device can access the GoPlay store and earn coins for being active. This means that the whole family can participate in activities together and earn coins to purchase fun rewards. The new app is also easier to navigate and has some enhanced functionality. 

XPLORA GoPlay app

We’ve Redesigned Our Website

We’ve updated our website to provide a new, fresh experience and also to place more emphasis on some of our key focus areas such as our products, the GOPLAY platform and our ongoing partnerships with other organizations dedicated to making our world a better place.

For Every Smartwatch Purchase, We Plant a Tree

We hope to be the type of company that you are proud to support and we hope that you take pride seeing our product on your child’s wrist, knowing that not only do we support safe and active children through our technology, but we also support a safer and healthier environment through your purchases. Together, we can change the world.  

To learn more about our dedication to the environment and our ongoing partnership with OneTreePlanted, watch this quick video: 

Our Rebranding - A Recap

We’re proud of what we do and of the impact that we have for families all around the world. We are committed to keeping children safe, healthy, and active through our technologies. We are also committed to doing more… in whatever ways we can. We’re proud to help protect the environment and to help children learn more about what they can do to help make our world a better place. We thank you for your support and look forward to continuously increasing our impact. 🙏 😁

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