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Spotlight: The new XPLORA A10K Hovershoes

Spotlight: The new XPLORA A10K Hovershoes

The all new XPLORA A10K Hovershoes is now available. You can buy them here.


We combined the fun movements from roller skates with the entertaining hoverboard technology, and ended up with Hovershoes. They are self-balancing and very easy to learn, they only take 10 minutes to master*! You steer them by shifting your center of gravity. Tilt forward, they move forward, tilt right, they turn right, and so on. They have a max speed of 12km/h, and a range of up to 10km**! Cruise into your city in new fashion, and make boring areas fun to re-discover or bring them along exploring a new location for a much more memorable experience.
For more information about the product, read information and specifications here.

Watch the Hovershoes in action in the video below!

* This is an estimate, and some people may use longer or even shorter.
** Maximum range and speed varies based on battery level, terrain, temperature, and speed.
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