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Time has come: The new XPLORA 3S is available now!

Time has come: The new XPLORA 3S is available now!

XPLORA is launching the first waterproof watchphone with camera on the European market! Taking pictures and sharing with your family, playing in the pool, sending fun emojis and voice messages and measuring your activity. This is the new generation of Smartwatch for children.

Even more fun for the kids! Sten Kirkbak, co-founder and father of four: “With the XPLORA 3S we are adapting to the needs of children. With the XPLORA Smartwatch we want to enable children to move freely and explore the world safely. As well we want to give parents certainty of knowing where their child is and that he or she is doing well. Our goal is also to introduce children safely to digital media. They are still too young at primary school age to have free access to the Internet. But they can take pictures and exchange emojis or voice messages with their parents or reference person. In this way, they can participate in digital development safely and within reasonable limits.

XPLORA’s new and current children’s smartwatch has the basic features of a phone and helps protect children’s safety without restricting independent play and exploration. As the first mobile device for children, the XPLORA Smartwatch prevents children from being distracted by social networks and games that are usually found on smartphones. It eliminates the need for unattended access to the Internet and gives parents a better feeling through a sophisticated location and connectivity feature.

Features of the new XPLORA 3S :

– The new VGA camera is fun to take pictures
– Rcorded experiences can be shared immediately with the family
– Up to 1000 photos can be safely stored in the watch
– Waterproof IP67
– Funny emojis
– Voice messages – just press and speak
– A pedometer motivates to movement competition with friends
– Battery power for five days standby

Later this year, some more exciting features, such as playing favorite music and audiobooks, will be available.

The XPLORA 3S also offers a child-friendly interface with phone calls and messaging functionality, geolocation technology including GPS, WiFi and GSM triangulation, providing the best possible real-time location details powered by Google Maps. Also included are predetermined safety zones set by parents, an SOS button, dedicated off-time options (preventing children from using their XPLORA outside of set hours, except emergency calls), a calendar, and a step counter that encourages children to stay active. 
Set up and controlled via the intuitively designed parental app (available on Android and iOS), the XPLORA 3S allows for up to two administrators, typically the child’s parents. Through the app, parents have control of preferences, silent modes, can receive push notifications (when the child receives a text message or leaves a pre-programmed ‘safety zone’, for example), and can view their child’s location at any time. The XPLORA 3S is the first children’s smartwatch with these capabilities and now available at the European markets (£179).

More information:

XPLORA Co-founder Sten Kirkbak, who identified the need for XPLORA when he lost his four-year-old son in a shopping centre, comments: “We continually strive to enhance our smartwatch and wearable technology in order to provide cutting edge features and tools to ensure that children remain safe, without curtailing their freedom nor ability to explore the world.”

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