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XPLORA announces its newest device - the XPLORA GO

XPLORA announces its newest device - the XPLORA GO

Leading Norwegian wearables company XPLORA unveils its newest device, the XPLORA GO, ahead of Mobile World Congress 2019

  • Ahead of Mobile World Congress, XPLORA is unveiling the XPLORA GO, the single device with five everyday use cases including children, elderly, pets, bikes and assets
  • The new XPLORA GO app will enable all new and existing products to connect to a unified platform
  • XPLORA’s portfolio of products, including the XPLORA GO, will be available to demo in H​all 8.0 at ​booth H37​ throughout the conference
  • The XPLORA GO will be available to purchase across all markets in August 2019

OSLO, FEBRUARY 19TH 2019 - Ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, XPLORA (​​), the Norwegian wearable technology company known for its smartwatch range for children, is unveiling its newest device, the ​XPLORA GO, as well as an app that will allow the XPLORA 3S and its latest product to connect to one centralised platform.

While XPLORA is known for developing wearables designed for children, its newest product, the XPLORA GO, is a single device that can be relied upon by people of all ages, in five different everyday use cases: children, elderly, pets, bikes and assets (such as suitcases, bags, laptops etc.). The device emulates a typical XPLORA smartwatch face, with additional accessories/covers available to purchase in different bundles. Connected to the XPLORA mobile app, the XPLORA GO comes preloaded with different interfaces for each function, which can be accessed and selected with a simple swipe on the screen.

Each XPLORA GO comes with core standard features, including GPS and location tracking, geofenceable areas, an SOS button, WiFi connectivity, mobile connectivity, with devices starting from £69.99 and additional bundles from £17.99. On top of that, each mode includes the following advanced features:

Bike tracker - an inbuilt G-sensor, or accelerator, notifies the owner if their bike is being stolen or tampered with. If this is the case, an alarm will sound from both the iOS/Android app and the XPLORA GO Tracking Mode will then automatically turn on. Geofenced areas can be set, with the user being alerted if the bike is taken out of a predetermined zone. The bike tracker complies with IP67, allowing it to be submerged in water up to 1.5 metres deep for 30 minutes and in future models, be able to track basic riding statistics.

Asset tracker - attaches to any item that the user would like to keep tabs on, such as a suitcase, a handbag, or a laptop. The alert feature and geolocation features will notify a user if the item has been stolen or tampered with, or even if it has simply been misplaced.   

Pet tracker - monitors the whereabouts of animals, analyses how much they have moved, and also sets geofenced areas so that users are notified whenever the dog or cat roams too far.

Children’s device ​- similar to the children’s smartwatch, the XPLORA 3S, the XPLORA GO can also be used by parents to keep a line of communication directly open with their children when they are out having fun and exploring. Features include calls, messages, a camera, emoji messaging, a step counter and alarms.

Elderly device - the XPLORA GO can also be easily integrated into the lives of senior citizens, allowing them to make and receive calls and messages. The elderly can use the step counter on the XPLORA GO for health monitoring, while the alarm can be utilised to remind them to, for example, take medication at certain times of the day. Notifications can be set by a family member or carer, who can be notified via the SOS button pressed by the senior user if they have fallen over or are involved in an accident.

The new XPLORA app, rolling out to all iPhones and Android phones for free in April, will enable customers new and old, to connect their XPLORA 3S and XPLORA GO to one centralised app. With the ability to check-in on each device on one platform, the XPLORA app means consumers can organise each part of their life, be it an elderly relative, pet, child, bike or suitcase, all from their phone. The expanding range of XPLORA products lead to the development of the new XPLORA app and will give users a better experience moving forward.

XPLORA’s data security is the company's highest priority and is taken very seriously. The platform and its service operation policy is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring that customer’s data is well protected from misuse and exploitation.

“In a world of devices that we interact with on a daily basis, we still aren’t able to connect to the people and things we love in one single place in an easy and secure way”, says Sten Kirkbak, Founder and Chief Brand Officer of XPLORA. “The XPLORA GO device and app will allow our customers to keep tabs on their child’s whereabouts, check in on an elderly parent, monitor their pet’s exercise and location, or ensure that any bike or asset is protected without having to log into multiple apps. We are extremely excited to not only broaden our range of products but to also create an app that brings all of them together, allowing seamless connectivity and a more fluid experience for our customers”.

Integration with Amazon Echo
Many of XPLORA’s products integrate with Amazon Echo, Amazon’s smart speaker with Alexa. The integration with Amazon Echo allows users to ask Alexa to provide the latest location of their child, dog, asset or bike and will later this year, allow children to use their XPLORA watch phone to interact directly with Alexa from their smartwatch, asking Alexa questions and access child-friendly content.

Pricing and availability

  • The XPLORA GO module will be available to purchase individually from April 2019 at,​ Amazon and selected retailers from £69.99
  • Bundles for pets, bikes, children, assets, and the elderly are each sold separately and are priced from £17.99. They will also be purchasable from June 2019 at ​​, Amazon and selected retailers       

Earlier this month, XPLORA announced its collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España) to develop the very first video game that syncs with a smartwatch and enables children to turn physical activity into in-game perks such as level-ups, new powers, and new characters that are redeemable in the upcoming PlayStation®4 title ‘Aces of the Multiverse’.

XPLORA’s portfolio of products including its range of smartwatches for children and adults, as well as its accessories such as hover shoes, speakers, cameras and chargers, will be available for a hands-on demo at the XPLORA stand (8.0 H37) at the Mobile World Congress 2019 held in Barcelona, 25th-28th February.

XPLORA was founded with a vision to connect families and encourage exploration without compromising security or fun. The success of its first award-winning wearable has led to the launch of a broader portfolio of connected products, further enhanced by its recent collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment España to get kids playing outdoors. Via a single platform, XPLORA allows people to connect everything they love and its critically-acclaimed products are trusted by over 400,000 families worldwide. XPLORA has offices in Norway, UK, Germany, and Spain, and is spreading into new markets in US and Europe.

The company was co-founded by Sten Kirkbak, who is a father of four and has worked with technology for almost 20 years. The C-Suite also includes: Jesus Llamazares, Chief Executive Officer (formerly Global Director Consumers Value Proposition at Telefónica); Sanghyo Kim, Chief Technology Officer (formerly EMEA Director of Business Development of internet streaming software provider, RealNetworks); and Chairman, Tore Engebretsen, previous CEO and Chairman of VMERTO ASA, Chairman and owner in Nordic Semiconductor ASA, Squarehead Technology, Elliptic Labs and more.
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